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Best Villain:

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Best Visual Effects:

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Best CGI Effects:

Best DVD Commentary:

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Coolest Tracking Shot:

Best Musical:

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Best Documentary

Worst Documentary

Best Popcorn Movie:

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Greatest Use of Music (Or Silence):

Coolest Poster:

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Coolest Film Collectible:

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Best Visual Film:

Best Storyteller:

Worst Visual Director:

Most Innovative Director/Film:

Worst/Unoriginal Film:

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Most Mediocre Actor/Director:

Worst Director:

Most Badass Moment in a Film:

Greatest Shootout:

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Greatest Death Scene:

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Greatest Trio/Group of Characters:

Worst Trio/Groups:

Best Director Collarboration:

Best Animated

Funniest Film:

Unfunniest Film (Comedy):

Most tearjerking scenes in one film:

Coolest Explosions:

Greatest Kiss/Sex Scene:

Best “Fuck with the audience” Moment:

“What the fuck were they thinking” (Disappointing) Moment (Filmmaker or fictional character:

Most Annoying Movie:

Most Overrated Movie:

Most Underrated Movie:

Best Date Movie:

Best Horror Movie:

Best Actor:

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Best Actress:

Worst Actress:

Best Title:

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Undeserving Oscar Win:

Deserving Oscar Win:

Headache Inducing Movie:

Best Film Historian/Critic:

Sellouts (Actors):

Sellouts (Directors):

Best Chase:

Worst Chase:

Weirdest Scene/Movie

Most Psychotic Character:

Best Remake:

Worst Remake:

Best Black and White mixing with Color Film:

Best Film Overall: Shawshank Redemption

Best Villain:

whether it’s Die Hard or Robin Hood - this guy is a bad-ass villain.

Most Original Film: The Princess Bride

"I only dog paddle" - Andre The Giant

Best Film (Overall): Taxi Driver

Best Film Country: USA (makes a lot of shit but when they’re good they’re really good)

Best Hero: Clarence Worley - True Romance

Worst Hero:Van Helsing

Best Villain: Hans Gruber - Die Hard

Worst Villain: Anyone one of them from the Joel Schumacher Batman movie(s), Sharon stone in catwoman.

Best Visual Effects: ?

Worst Visual Effects:?

Crappiest CGI Effects: The Matrix and 95% of Cgi movies.

Best CGI Effects: Revenge of the Sith

Best DVD Commentary: QT on True Romance

Worst DVD Commentary: all the ones where noone speaks in them, usually with actors from the movie

Coolest Tracking Shot: Boogie Nights - opening scene

Best Musical: South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Worst Musical: All of them

Best Documentary: American Movie: The Making of Northwestern (if you havent checked this out please do!)

Worst Documentary: Supersize me

Best Popcorn Movie:Jaws

Worst Popcorn Movie: too many

Greatest Use of Music (Or Silence): Raging Bull for music & silence

Coolest Poster:Dial M for Murder

Worst Poster:typical generic ones

Coolest Film Collectible: Death Proof Script personally signed by QT

Coolest Film Collectible (You Own): Death Proof Script personally signed by QT

Best Decade in Film History: 1970’s

Best Visual Film:The good the bad & the ugly.

Best Storyteller:Martin Scorsese

Worst Visual Director:Paul WS anderson

Most Innovative Director/Film: Scorsese - Mean Streets

Worst/Unoriginal Film:House of the Dead - Uwe Boll

Best Director:Martin Scorsese

Most Mediocre Actor/Director: doesnt that imply worst?

Worst Director: Uwe Boll

Most Badass Moment in a Film: Reservoir Dogs - “Let’s go to work"

Greatest Shootout: The Wild Bunch make a stand

Worst Shootout:House of the dead

Greatest Death Scene: Throne of Blood - Kurosawa

Worst Death Scene: M-I:3 - Cruise comes back from the dead.

Greatest Trio/Group of Characters: the Boogie Nights cast

Worst Trio/Groups: Blades crew in blade trinity

Best Director Collarboration: what?

Best Animated: toy story 2

Funniest Film: Spinal Tap

Unfunniest Film (Comedy):Scary Movie 3

Most tearjerking scenes in one film: ET

Coolest Explosions: Terminator…Basically anything directed by James Cameron

Greatest Kiss/Sex Scene:theres loads on the internet

Best “Fuck with the audience” Moment: Kaiser soze’s real identity in the usual suspects

"What the fuck were they thinking” (Disappointing) Moment (Filmmaker or fictional character: Lucas makes the phantom menace

Most Annoying Movie: chick flicks/Oceans 12 (the smugest film ive ever seen)

Most Overrated Movie: Training Day

Most Underrated Movie: Payback

Best Date Movie:True romance

Best Horror Movie: Dawn of the Dead (original)

Best Actor: De Niro/ Daniel Day Lewis (obvious but they are the best)

Worst Actor: Danny Dyer

Best Actress: Naomi Watts

Worst Actress: Andie Mc Dowell

Best Title: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Worst Title: The negotiator :slight_smile:

Undeserving Oscar Win: Did Queen Latifah get an oscar? if she did then her

Deserving Oscar Win: Marty Scorsese - The Departed

Headache Inducing Movie: Transformers - theres a cut in it every 2 seconds!

Best Film Historian/Critic: Roger Ebert

Sellouts (Actors):sellout is a bit strong for actors aint it? they’re only making a living.

Sellouts (Directors): none have really sold out just gotten a bit crap

Best Chase: The French Connection

Worst Chase: ?

Weirdest Scene/Movie:Visitor Q corpse rape

Most Psychotic Character:Mel Gibson…just in general

Best Remake: King Kong

Worst Remake: ?

Best Black and White mixing with Color Film: Sin city