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The Pulp Fiction Experiment

hey, people-

i’m an artist experimenting with design for comicbooks.the point ofthese werte to capture the character the actors were playing , NOT to be a slave to the physical appearance of the actors.

why? because it’s just boring to straight out immitate life when a camera can do a better job. so the point is to come up with interesting designs that have alot of life to them and would work well in a comicbook. i’d love to know what PF fans would think of them…

here’s some more…

They look fuckin’ cool!!

good stuff, you got Fabian donw really good

Who are they supposed to be again ?

They look hella cool dude

Nice work dude, I think the film definitely gives off a comic bookish vibe.

Let’s see the wolf.

dude, those are kick-arse! 8)

I would like to see Jodie!

maybe you can get some ideas for character angles and frames from my pulp screen capture archive (link in profile)

are you going to ink them or leave them sketchy? what are you going to use to color, photoshop or pencils?

[color=Purple]i think those are really really REALLY good!!!

Those are really tight! You should keep up the great work dude.

Damn, I wonder how someone can draw like this! Cool!

And please don’t waste your talent on drawing some kind of landscapes or houses or that shit, I mean you SHOULD draw stylish pictures like these :slight_smile:

And yeah, make more drawings of characters. I would like to see Wolf and Jimmie very much!

By the way - how much time does one picture like these take? And is it hard? I can only draw skeleton cartoons and even that’s hard because I have no talent at all and hate the process.

they look really good! I think you succeeded in putting the character of the person in the drawing…jules…little bit older…wiser…

fabian…smiley, low IQ, looking a bit stupid…very good! also like the way walken looks like a war zombie veteran and mia even more arrogant and beautiful! very nice work!! 8) vincent with a big: really punchy, dont fuck with me look…ow so cool! 8)

EXCELLENT Pics! Although Capt. Koons does look like he’s had a few to many watches up his asre… :slight_smile:

haha, looks more like Boris Karloff

doesnt matter though, great pics, excellent


Hey they are really good, let’s see one of Quentin himself then! You should send those off to one of his address’, i’m sure he’d loveto see them!

Didn’t you draw one of me last time I was down at the 3rd Street promenade in Santa Monica? I liked it. the big nose was little hurtful, but I guess that’s half the fun. Definitely would make good comic book art, if you can transfer the ideas into ink instead of charcoal or pastels.