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The Orphan

The film worked 2/3 of the way for me, and I mean it really worked for me, I was really amazed at the quality of the picture, that evil little girl was so bad ass and her accent will help her in the future, I’m sure she’s going to become a good actress if she chooses more dark roles like these. As I said the ending was a bit tedious - stop reading - spoilers ahead. There had to be a reason to justify the girl’s actions, and even more background of where she came from and what she has done in the past that would justify her vile actions. Now the payoff to all these questions were forced to us, I’m pretty sure there was a rewrite involved so that censor boards didn’t shit all over it and ban its release. Well in the end we find out the girl has a rare disease and she’s not really a girl at all. She’s an adult that looks like a girl - and this person the “Woman-Child” escaped a mental hospital from Estonia and found her way to an orphanage where she is then fostered into several homes, and that’s where the lead characters come in.

I was hoping the child’s actions would not be justified, the subtext that is read in between the lines of this girl had more of a darker background than the one that was given, this film had the opportunity to become great and disturbing, but in the end they made just a pretty damn good horror picture where it all ends bloody and the bad girl destroyed for good. :’(

I would have enjoyed a more realistic ending. The girl could have just been a bad seed, a child that has gone through some very bad times and she’s just fucking evil. An evil kiY’know. Ah, when and if you see it you will understand what I’m talking about. It was worth the money I may say. Could have been a great picture, but still good.

There is one name that we must all remember. Why? Because I can see greatness in an actress. And I’m telling you right now! Isabelle Fuhrman will be a great actress. There’s the one to watch.

Im so sick of seeing the preview on tv…i get it already! shes evil

Don’t pay attention to the promo trailers, it doesn’t do justice for the movie. You must go see it to understand how good it is. If you like horror pictures that is. This is a fine combination of character work and gory violence, there is a bad ass scene where a black nun is bludgeoned to death with a hammer, and it’s done by a 12 year old girl! This movie has some fucking balls, and you know why? It’s a Warner Brothers picture, not some Lionsgate or Screengems piece of shit. Go see it.

I’m alone in a fucking big country house atm, everything is dark around me, it’s 0:30am, the only light I get is from my laptop…and I can say that this poster is very, very scary! It’s so scary I can’t really watch it you know, I have to look away. She’s got such a weird evil face :o

See I wish more people would support this brand of horror instead of the other kind where it’s all torture and the whole pretty teens who get killed one by one stuff that Lionsgate and Screen Gems have excelled at. Those films are all rubbish. This one has some charm to it - unlike anything that’s been out in recent months.

C’mon guys! Someone in this board better fucking see this tonight! If BioBasterd says it, you DO IT! So go DO IT!

We can talk about how cool it really is and how we won’t support anymore fucking remakes! There are brilliant minds out there with fresh ideas, let’s not make the precious horror genre suffer anymore!

President Obama agrees. Right Senor Presidente!

“I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this message.”

That is just an Obamanation.

I’ve been done with the whole “scary little girl” genre ever since watching Phone six years ago. Maybe this is better, but I’ll wait for a rental.

I’ve been done with the whole “scary little girl” genre ever since watching Phone six years ago. Maybe this is better, but I’ll wait for a rental.

I assure you this one is different. The trailer for this film, I’ll agree is terrible. But the film itself is very good, it’ll suck you in. It’s top of the line talent here, these are great actors committing to this movie. To me it’s like a Henry Farrell story - it has that melodrama/ Grand Guignol aspect that Aldrich did so well with Hush, hush and Baby Jane. In fact the title “What’s wrong with Esther?” would have been a more appropriate title than The Orphan.

Don’t miss out, I mean watching a movie on that giant screen is better than anything - don’t sttle for your tv to watch this good of a horror movie.

Bio, I must say, you’ve actually got me really looking forward to seeing this! It doesn’t come out in Australia until August 13 (one week before IB - YAY!) but after such a positive review I’m quite excited to see this. I haven’t seen a good horror movie for sometime. And I am sooo tired of remakes and tedious plotlines involving high school kids played by 30 year old actors.

Finally, I might see something that will really scare the shit outta me! Hooray!