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I have seen lists of people’s DVD’s, Tarantino stuff and other. This sort of defines what a person is into. But what kind of movie/celebrity posters have you got hanging in your room/house/whatever.

Personally I’ve got this beautiful framed blackandwhite of Jules and Vincent pointing their guns in the same direction.

I’ve got a blackandwhite of the Dogs walking down the street, very nice. And I have a huge collage poster from A Clockwork Orange. The last movie poster is from O’ Brother where art thou.

I also have a very small cartoon poster from the infamous german jazz group; Mardi Gras BB.

Are there any other who doesn’t believe in plain wallpaper?

Alicia Keys is the only thing on my wall.

Quite great waking up that face every morning

I’m a pretty big movie poster collector, I’ve been collecting them for around 6 or 7 years now.

My framed movie poster collection:

Apocalypse Now (Color, this is a beautiful one)

Reservoir Dogs (Color, the opening walking scene one)

Taxi Driver (Color, the Travis in the middle of the street near his cab)

Pulp Fiction (Color, Mia on the bed)

GoodFellas (Color)

Scarface (black, white and red)

Fistful of Dollars (Color)

The Wild Bunch (color)

A Clockwork Orange (color)

Easy Rider (orange and white)

Coffy (color, this one rules!)

Hard Boiled (Chow Yun Fat holding baby, great pic!)

My non framed posters:

Casino, The Matrix, Full Metal Jacket, The Godfather, Touch of Evil, Annie Hall, Dirty Harry, The Crow, Platoon, The Doors, Death Wish, Mission Impossible, Citizen Kane, Rear Window, Psycho.

my room is pretty small, and i got lots of BMW ads and a flag of california hangin in my room, the only movie posters are, a trio:

reservoir dogs

pulp fiction

from dusk till dawn

posters are just too expensive IMO. ;_)

i am planning on more though

ive got two framed posters on my wall.

the first one Ive got already for a long time. its from pulp fiction. b&w, vince and jules standing with their guns and pointing at “the forth man” coming out of the bathrooms.

the other one is reservoir dogs. it an official movie poster in brown and the words “reservoir dogs” appear in red. great one.

I have the same room space as sebastian so I only have a Taxi Driver poster (grey with travis walking alone),a Scarface (with tony montana and his bloody hawaaian shirt, and a gun in his right hand walking away after the bloodbath-chainsaw scene, Fucking greatest poster!). And a clockwork orange poster ofcourse (white with alex holding the knife and lots of pictures of the movie around him). I want to buy 1 pulp fiction poster now with the ultimate female(uma ofcourse!) and a easy rider with the 2 easy riders and jack with his golden helmet on the harleys! BORN TO WILD BABY!

I’ve only got a Beatles poster in their Sgt. Pepper era and a John Lennon poster during the “Imagine” recording sessions.

i got,

reservoir dogs poster (lets go to work) b/w

pulp fiction   poster (john travolta and samuel jackson) b/w

tarantino pointing a gun to his head b/w

and lots of beer posters, like heineken and dreher.


Reservoir Dogs Giant poster Framed

Pulp Fiction Framed

The Matrix Framed

Fight Club

Led Zeppelin

The Matrix Reloaded

I have a Fight Club poster up in my room as well as a Reservoir Dogs poster with Mr. Blonde on it that says, "Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?"

I might eventually go out and buy some more posters, but random spending isn’t really my thing.

I ordered an Evil Dead poster off the internet. I should be going to the first screening of Bubba Ho-Tep on friday, and Bruce Campbell’s gonna be there! If the poster comes by friday, I’m gonna have him sign it! If that happens, then i’m definitely framing it. I hope it comes in time.

I`ve a whole wall filled with Smashing Pumpkins posters from top to bottom. I have other music based ones too and then my movie ones are of Pulp Fiction, Dogs, Bruce Lee and I recently got one of Kill Bill in a magazine. Oh I have one of “The Scream” too.

At the bubba ho-tep premier i got a bubba ho-tep poster. See this movie!

I got this big ass South Park one with all the characters on it. I also have a Family Guy one. That’s it. I used to have loads of wrestling ones, but when i painted my room last year I took them down and never put 'em back up.

I have a lot:

QT Ones:

  1. Reservoir Dogs (27x40 cardboard looking one)

    A. 24x36 Lets go to work.

    B. 24x36 White/Pink “standoff”
  2. Pulp Fiction (27x40 usual w/ Uma on bed)

    A. 27x40 International

    B. 24x36 Film Review
  3. Jackie Brown (27x40 adv. A full cast)

    A. 27x40 Fonda

    B. 27x40 Greir

    C. 24x36 Full Cast
  4. Kill Bill (27x40 Mylar Adv.)

    A. 3 different jap mini’s

    B. Pull out Newspaper ad/poster

    C. 4’x8’ Viynal banner

    D. (Coming) 24x34 colage from

    Non QT:

  5. Fight Club (27x40 normal 1 sheet)

    A. 27x40 Brad Pitt adv

    B. 27x40 Ed Norton adv

    C. 10x30 Korean

  6. Taxi Driver (27x40 Style A (color in front of cab))

  7. Goldfinger 007 (27x40 reprint)

  8. City of God (27x40 one-sheet)

  9. Halloween (24x36 reprint)

  10. Psycho (24x36 reprint)

    Coming Soon:

    Once Upon a Time in Mexico (27x40)

I have:

Fight Club

Reservoir Dogs (black white + red, the opening scene one)

Star Wars (It’s a poster with all the Dark Jedi’s)

I don’t know if this counts, but I also have that mini-poster of Jackie Brown on my wall.

Oh yeah, i have that jackie brown one up too.

I really start thinking about framing me a fine PF & a Res Dog poster for my wall.

Well today, all I have are some pictures made in Indonesia.

It seems, that I´m the only Qt fan without a poster on the walls… :-/

What´s up with you all? Do you have some posters?

I got a free small Ju-On poster when I went to see it last night. I know you all are jealous.

Don’t judge me! But I have a picture of Orlando Bloom up and a picture of Jon Bon Jovi.

I’m hanging my head in shame :-[ .