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Guys tonight at 12:30 on FX (after The Riches) they are going to be showing a Making of Grindhouse. Its 30 minutes long!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWW!! Make sure to get your VCRs ready!! Lets hope they show some brand spanking new footage we havent seen yet! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :o :o :o :o :o

Enjoy!! :slight_smile:

I thought it was coming on tuesday…I will be watching it with a bucket of popcorn :slight_smile:

Oooh Goodie!

Gracias for the heads up!


Since they are showing it so late Im expecting to see some really gory stuff?

Someone gonna put in on YouTube?

Yeah, YouTube? I’m UK, so I can’t pick this up.

Oh My Freaking God!

I’m already there.

GO on FX NOW!!! They just showed an extended, trailer-sized version of the TV Spot. There were some new shots and lines from the film. I think they also said that there will be moments with QT and RR throughout the commercial breaks of The Riches.

11:30 needs to hurry the fuck up already. :wink:

They just showed the yahoo interview of RR and QT with new footage! They’re talking to the cast next commercial break!


They talked ABOUT the cast. New footage again. Awesome!

Start at 9:30pm over here. I’m surprised FX is doing this. Thought they only supported FOX-related material.

I’m watching Seinfield now; I’ll catch everything at once when it comes on.

Awesome!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I can’t fucking wait for Grindhouse!

Did you guys see the diner scene in Death Proof? Yessssss!!!

That shit was so wild! I loved the little bit of the trailers they showed. I now want to see death proof even more!

I got chills when Mike said “going left or right?” “Right! right!” than mike’s like, “oh thats to bad!”


I wasn’t expecting them to show that much! I mean…Where do I start??

Every new scene I saw with Mike just made me extremely tense. The way the Dodge Charger was creeping in front that store, to Mike asking Pam that big question when they’re at the intersection. Shit just really had my heart going.

Cherry firing that rocket at the zombies while she was 20 feet in the air. Helluva shot!

WEREWOLF WOMEN/SS-Now that was a Dog Soldier!!!

Good to finally see glimpses of Roth and Edgar’s trailers. Ed’s looked surprisingly spooky.

lol @ Machete, “Where’s My Wife?!?” :smiley:

Good God I am MORE pumped for this!!!

So It’s AFTER the riches? cuz its 10:21pm and im watching it right now

So It’s AFTER the riches? cuz its 10:21pm and im watching it right now

Yeah it’s after Riches. At first, I thought the featurette was just gonna be a slightly extended version of that interview with Rob and QT that we’ve already seen before. But man, they showed a LOT of new clips of PT and DP. You’ll be plenty surprised.

Also wanted to point out that a lot of QT’s filming trademarks seem to return to DP. Including a daytime diner scene (With the camera circling the gals at the table while they’re discussing things. Sound familiar?) and a B&W sequence that rang bells of “Massacre at Two Pines” in Kill Bill. And of course, MO’ FEET!!!

Yeah, I can’t wait to see Eli Roth’s trailer!

knife plunging into cooked turkeyThanksgiving…” - creepy :smiley: