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The Hunt (trailer)

While shooting for this trailer, I actually lost around 90% of all my footage due to a currupt disk. So this trailer is a lot shorter than it rightfully should be. -blame Sony…

…and try not to bash me for the rough German translations. :wink:


The germen reminded me of the hostel trailer (not sure which language it really was though yuco probably) I love the idea of it, i wish you would make the full film though.

I didn’t get to portray the entire idea in the trailer because of the lack of footage, but I may shoot more for it later on.

yea i would really love to see it, the idea is so original, its sorta in the style of battle royale.

I liked it and thought it was pretty cool, but I think you could afford to lose

the “grindhouse effects” and make it more your own, ya know? Even though

it seems like things never seem quite to work out for you on the production

end you seem to always come up with good quality stuff. Can’t wait to see

what you come up with when you catch a few lucky breaks.

Here’s the latest news on The Hunt:

The Hunt will be turned into a full-length film. The movie will run roughly around an hour or so and will be shot over the next few weeks. After showing the trailer to everyone, even those who felt sketchy about it, my cast fell in love with it and are willing to do more with it. Today we’re all going back out to recover all of the stock footage that was lost from last week, and possibly to shoot an actual scene or two. I have more faith in this project than the others as it can be shot for very cheap and shouldn’t take as much time to complete either.

Hopefully everything falls into place like it should this time…

yea, were those real guns you where using?


Don’t accidentaly shot yourself in the foot, buddy.

I liked the trailer 8)