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The Goriest Movie You've Ever Seen?

What is the goriest movie(s) you’ve ever seen?

If I had to pick one, it would have to be Ichi the Killer. Great movie and tons of stomach churning scenes.

This movie called Kichiku: Banquet of The Beast was goddamn gory as hell. Its these Japanese students who shoot each other, cut each other up. One scene they tie up a kid, shoot his head off with a shotgun and the chick inspects the head and brains like its a beautiful flower.

Cannibal Holocaust is pretty gory too. Especially when they rip that sea turtle open.

Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2, The Beyond, City of The Living Dead have some great gore.

Carpenter’s The Thing has some nice gore.

I’ve seen a bunch, but I love gory movies, they are usually alot of fun to watch.

It’s a funny connection that the more gory movies are Japanese. Another nice little gore scene is at the end of the movie Audition; another Japanese film. Basically, the entire movie is a build-up to the end.

Anything that’s directed by Takashi Miike and you’re in for a treat!

Yeah Id say the Japanese guys have the market cornered on gore. The only thing is, I’m not really that crazy about modern Japanese cinema. I like some of it, but overall its sorta overrated to me.

Have to say “Ichi The Killer”(Takashi Miike)was pretty gory but than again I have not seen to many gory movies.

Braindead (aka Dead Alive) is still probably the winner since it (Reportedly) had the most blood spilled on a movie set.

I noticed that Dead Alive repeatedly shows up in everyone’s list of gory films.

I’ll definitely have to check it out now…

Oh man I forgot about Dead Alive :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it seems like Japan likes gore movies very much, Cannibal Holocaust was a very big hit there. the Guinea Pig movies(I cant belive no one has mentioned those)

and Peter Jacksons movies can also be pretty gory( Braindead/Dead Alive & Bad Taste )

then there is also many old goodies from Italy!

Totally forgot Dead/Alive myself. I always forget the most obvious stuff.

I noticed that Dead Alive repeatedly shows up in everyone’s list of gory films.

I’ll definitely have to check it out now…

Me too, I was going to get it but I noticed it was a PJ film. But I have seen Bad Taste.

Is it good?

Dead Alive was actually on Bravo’s list of the 30 More Scarier Movie Moments. I think it came in around 21 or so. Eli Roth was mentioning that he couldn’t believe how much gore was actually in the film. It was also mentioned how they used gore in a comedic sence as well. The lawnmower scene was said to be the one major gore scene in the movie.

The whole movie is great.

Alot of they named shouldnt have been there list,overall I wasnt happy with most of the movies they picked.

Dead Alive was actually on Bravo’s list of the 30 More Scarier Movie Moments.

I watched some of this countdown last night. Really a peculiar list. Devil’s Rejects followed by Vertigo? Oldboy’s a horror film?

Haha, Vertigo scary? That’s a new one.

They even listed open water.

When I was young I thought “I Spit on Your Grave” and the first (unrated) “Hellraiser” were bad. I saw some of Cannibal Holocaust once but couldnt stay with it. I don’t like gore just for the hell of it. Like in Ichi the Killer it all seemed to fit well with the film as a whole. The Audition is tops in my book for sure. The Japanese have it down to a science and can get away with alot of stuff we, in the U.S., can’t get to see in theaters.

I guess it’s Braindead or something. The ‘eye-scene’ in Zombi 2 was pretty nasty 2. And the sex-scenes in Thriller - Ein Grym Film are gory as well.

It’s not that a movie has to be scary, it the gore that can sometimes make a particular scene scary. Seeing enough gore in a movie can change one’s perspective about it. That’s why gore seems to connect so much with horror films nowadays.

Which of course I don’t agree with all of the time…

I just got finished watching Dead Alive and Oh, my God!

This movie was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. While it is a horror movie, it might as well be a comedy as well. I would say this movie is 60% horror and 40% comedy. This was definitely worth my time!

What’s the goriest movie I have ever seen? Dead Alive hands down!