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The Forgotten part 1

joe satrianis the forgotten part one i filmed it, my freind played it

edited with premiere

please tell me how i can improve it a bit

It’s a finger orgy!

Uh well it wasn’t what I was expecting, but for what it was it was cool. I’d like to see the guy playing the song maybe (if he’s ugly then I understand :wink:) and generally fewer CUs but thats just me, I get where you were coming from.

What else to say? Its a guy, or some fingers anyway, playing a guitar lol. What made you decide to make this?

he wnated a video so he could promote himself a bit for when he goes to this big music school here and to put on youtube

Cool. Well, he should have been a hit at that music school.

Those are NICE fingers. :wink:

haha thanks, cos my school doesnt have a film class, i have to study it in multimedia. so the teacher gives me little assigments all the time. i have to make a horror short next

Cool. At MY college their all “Huh? You wanna do films? You’re nutty!” etc.

Whats the short about by the way?

well me and a freind are working on the script atm, firstly itstarted out pretty basic, killer tortues victim, vixtim gets away, killer chases victim etc etc. But now we have considerbly revamped it so its going to be like a dream sequence where theres all this weird shit going on in the rooms.