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The Directors The Playboy Interviews

Hi All

Sorry I havent posted for a while, Ive just started researching for my phd which is Taratino yay!

There is an interview with the man featured in the book entitled The Directors The Playboy Interviews

click on this link to order from

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Its a really honest and frank interview a joy to read

Also features interviews with Oliver Stone, Roman Polanski and Spike Lee


Or better still, you can read it for free on the Playboy website :wink:

Yeah, is that the one where he talks about how dancing with your hands above your shoulders is homosexual and about breakfast cereal and real life violence? If I can remember correctly it was in like 1994. Or is it a newer one? I have two or so folders with all print-outs and scans and cut-outs that feature Tarantino and Rodriguez. I think I have that interview in there somewhere. Or I think there is a 2003 one…

He did another one in 2004 I believe