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The Claudia Appreciation Thread

What Do You Think Of Claudia aka CPS?

  • She’s my favourite person
  • She’s Briliant
  • I love her to bits
  • Claudia, will you marry me?

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Well I have made this thread to personally thank CPS for everything she has done and will carry on doing for us. I have read so many positive comments about CPS in the past few months and especially in the past few days. She works extremely hard, and also has the time to post for us. Since I have come here, she has been nothing but friendly and helpful to EVERYONE that attends this forum. Her sincerity and personality is second to none. I don’t think I have ever seen (or read) her get angry (unless it’s a comment from Bexi on why a masterpiece is actually crap). Everyone loves her here and I just want her to see what people think of her. Nobody (I don’t think) has ever had a war with words with her which just proves what an excellent human being we are in the presence of (figuratively speaking).

As you may have noticed, there are no negative comments as an option in the poll, as I don’t think there is anything negative about her. There are many forums where people talk complete shit and the mods can’t even control the situation. Claudia basically rules the forum by herself. Yes there are other fine mods, but she is the greatest. Heck, she even pointed out a mistake to another mod about a topic he unnecesarily created!

Thank You Claudia !!

ps. no offence to Bexi, we all need a forum flirt so we also appreciate you :wink:

CPS is the greatest indeed. What would I do without her? ???

she is a role model for other veterans here. many more veteran members should take her as an example on how one can possibly contribute to the community

I just realised this isn’t in the correct section…

I just realised this isn’t in the correct section…

oh really? i think its the right section

i agree with Ify 100%. CPS is awesome.

i only have a short list of cool people on here, but she’s definitely on it.

we love ya Claudia, what would we do without you?!


Well, thanx Ify, this is very, very nice. But I don´t I deserve a special topic for me allone. :wink:

There are so many people who work on this site and support it. I don´t speak only about my fav person here (there are more ;D ), only about people who work for this site…

I don´t think that people realize how much work Seb (the admin - for the new one) had to do for this site. It was was not only to change the serve. He now has a fucking great new program. That means that he not only had to learn to use it, but to make it comfortable for us here. There were many decisions to made. He creates new sub/child boards and had to move every topic to his new place. Then he had to help out some members to find access to the new site and so on. And he posted on the board…

Well he was supported by MrOrange the whole time. Maybe many people don´t know this guy, but he is one of this person who works more than talk about it. He knows much about this programming stuff, well his second name “Tech Nerd” explains everything… When I had some (stupid) questions about my personal profile (I want to recieve an email after one sended me a pm here). I send him an icq and he helped me out one second later… I really appreciate this, cuz Seb wasn´t online and there was someone who answered my questions.

And there are people like Darl Eclipse, Seb asked him to make some new Avatars and one second later the Avas are ready… he also made the screen caps!

Or Starkey who makes such a good job as a mod here. I´m really happy that he is back. So you can see there are some more people who work for this site.

But what makes this site to such a great site are our members. We have plenty of different personalities, but they all are big QT fans and open-minded when it comes to other movies. We can talk here about so many movies and I can say, that I have learned a lot here.

IMO the most important point is to respect other people and to hear what they have to say. There is no need to fight people on the net. If you give people something - you will get one day something back. Whenever I have had a question, I have found someone who helped me out here. That is so great.

CPS… I’m not mentioned in your post above?? :’( Just joking…

Haven’t seen this thread before.

As I can say CPS is a real real person you can trust a 100% in.

And a nice, communicative person as well.

CPS… I’m not mentioned in your post above?? [/quote]

I was too shy to talk about you.

you know, you make me allways…nervous… .

As I can say CPS is a real real person you can trust a 100% in.

And a nice, communicative person as well.


So true… It’s the first time I say so many things about my life to someone I’ve never met. I have faith in her. Totally.

Yeah, she’s communicative all right. Always have to restart ICQ when she’s on, because of

stack-overflow. :-* But she’s a nice, trustworthy person and a great pillar for forums like this

one, because her posts always give a lot of insight into stuff. Furthermore she’s a terrific

person, ah no, my favorite person, but everyonce once in a while she can be a real . . .

cupcake. :smiley: And now don’t get me started, a cupcake is a very nice thing!

CPS… I’m not mentioned in your post above?? [/quote]

I was too shy to talk about you.

you know, you make me allways…nervous… .

Hopefully no one will misunderstood what you are saying...
You're getting nervous?

Wow, you'll be the first woman to become nervous about me. So, let's close that part of the conversation.

I’ve written a poem for claudia… hmm where is it? Must have lost it, it was a good poem doh. :-*

She already have 15 karma points :o… ::slight_smile:

There are a lot of people who love you, cps.

Well due to the fact, that I had yesterday 17 points, there must 2 who don´t like me that much… g :wink:

But I´m in good company with this minus this nite. Someone smite Laydback, cuz yesterday he had 5 and just now only 4 points… Which is crazy, he is one of the most respected person here. I personaly respect him a lot.

We really should go over this Karma stuff…

IMO the most important thing is to be yourself and respect other people, but if it is necessary to say what you think. To stick to the own opinions. Some times people like you - sometimes not. I recieved enough warnings and “fuck off” pms from some people to know that some people don´t like me. But this is okay. It is only important to respect the other person although you disagree and discuss with him.

And this what I really love here. I have sometimes discussions with people (pm) about some movies and we absolutly disagree about it, but we can discuss and it is fun. Best thing ever.

:o who would give CPS a minus??

hey, wait. I got a minus too!



still can’t find my poem…

who would’nt like CPS…she’s just, soo…well…likeable 8)

who would’nt like CPS…she’s just, soo…well…likeable 8)

I applaud you for that… :smiley:

Claudia, will you marry me?

Claudia, will you marry me?

get in line, pal! 8)