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The Christmas Thread

Talk about how you’re gonna spend christmas, what you love or hate about christmas, what kinda weird traditions do you and your family have? What do you eat/drink? What are you wishing to get for christmas? What’s your best christmas/worst christmas.

[size=150]Merry Christmas[/size]

/Bad Maximilian :-*

Well every christmas I try to watch Christmas Vacation,Home Alone,Die Hard, and Dutch…it just wouldnt seem like christmas without them.

Me and my family we have a dinner, watch TV and then go to bed. It’s boring I know :frowning:

My whole family is rarely together, but this year we will be!

On Christmas Eve we used to go to midnight mass when we were kids, but we don’t anymore, mostly because most of us no longer consider ourselves Roman Catholic.

Anyways, now we usually sit around, my older brother gets out the guitar (but now BOTH brother play, so I’m sure they’ll both play for us this year) and we all sit around the living room goofing around and listening to the music. I used to play piano, but I was a child then, and for the most part I forget how to play :frowning:. I’m getting a saxophone soon though, so I’, going to pick that up again soon!

Anyways, we all open one present each, and usually go to bed after watching some movies. For the last two years or so though, me and my brothers stay up and have a few beers and get a little buzzed. It’s good times!

In the morning we open the presents, my brother Jon makes fun of everything but it’s hilarious, then more music while Mum cooks, and I usually help a bit with the veggies/bread.

Then we head out to my fathers to do the same thing!

Christmas = some days off work, some presents, giving of random hypocritical best wishes to everyone you meet. That’s all it is for me. I used to love it as a kid. But then they told me that fat asshole Santa Claus is not real, and all my dreams got shattered in an instant.

I don´t like this time at all.Usually I try to get away from Germany and my family, just straight up into the sun. Must admit have one and only christmas tradition: I have to watch Jimmie Stewart and It´s a wonderful life every 24th of Dec. Just some sentimental feelings in the end of the year…

The family tends to get together at my Grandpa’s house. Since I turned 21 it’s kind

of been my mission to out drink my Uncles, or at least keep up with them. I think this

is the year I succeed.

Merry christmas from Sweden!!!

Today is the day!

I had to order in “Carmen” and “Talk to her” for my mother for christmas… they were less available then i thought they would be… For some reason my mother told me to get my sister this book on famous speeches… and i got some Monty pythons for my father… im looking forward to Godzilla final wars, which will be on SBS either tonight or tomorrow…

Christmas usually just in tales a simple exchange of tokens… nothing religious about it…

Merry christmas from Australia…

Breaking Christmas news

A gang of about 50 apparently drunken Santas invaded a New Zealand cinema complex at the weekend — frightening customers, damaging property and swearing, the cinema’s manager said Monday.

Police believe the Santas were a group of university students dressed in Santa suits who ran amok for 20 seconds through Hoyts Cinema complex in the South Island city of Christchurch on Saturday, manager Derek Rive said.

“As they ran through the complex they wrecked everything they could, the Christmas tree — they bowled everything over … (they were) just absolute fools,” he told The Associated Press.

He said the “hooligans” abused patrons, chanted obscenities, ripped down posters and knocked over cardboard figures advertising films.

“How often do a bunch of Santas just go and wreak havoc?” Rive said. “It was a random act of stupidity” that upset moviegoers.

Damn you chris kringle. Seriously that really pisses me off!

Merry X-mas to all and to all watch Death Proof.

Yay for X-mas!!!

I got really practicl gifts this year, which is what I like. I’m not a fan of pointless stuff.

I got a bike. A pony. Oh…oh and a Sponge Bob coloring book!

I love Christmas.

Lots of food, lots of drinks, gifts, your family argues about nothing, having a great time!! Amen

oh and a Sponge Bob coloring book!

Oh you have to share it on the forum and post some of your drawing ;D

Merry Christmas from France to everyone.

Merry Jebusday to all.

I had a great one this year. In fact, one of the best since I was ten or so. My cousin almost blew us all to hell by leaving the pressure cooker unattended while ‘quick-frying’ the turkey(Dumbass. You can’t quick-fry anything, but your face.), my mom fixed the usual assortment of veggie casseroles that she’s famous for(Which my brother and I both love, but everyone else tends to pick about and pretend to eat.), I shelled out 33 bucks for some trinkets and beads type gifts at the last minute for mother and father(They absolutely loved 'em.), I got; a fancy umbrella, a new 'lectric shaver, a book about the battle of Moscow during the winter of '42, a couple Laura Lippman novels, and a few dvds that I’ve been interested in, of course.(So that was my 2007 Je’sus Chr’is Tho’mas in a nutshell.)

Christmas Presents:

Simpsons Movie

Simpsons season 10

Seven Swords

Planet Terror

Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock

Seinfeld Season 6 Volume 5

Sam Cooke Cd

Elvis Presley Cd

Bloodsucking Freaks (Filmed in Ghoul-O-Vision) T-Shirt


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

[quote=“Bad Max”]
Sam Cooke Cd


hells yeah.