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The Cat III thread

What was that one where that guy raped that woman with chopsticks? That was a good one.

Uhm, no, I don’t think so (although it’s been some time since I watched the film). What the hell have you been watching? ;D

Here it is:

It makes people like me feel better about themselves.

ah, The Untold Story, haven’t seen that. I’m not very deep into Cat III yet as Japan’s pinky violence has been taking all my money and time so far.

If I recall correctly the US disc in the picture is the way to go. I think there was something wrong with the HK disc.

Yeah, I rented it from Netflix a while back. Shocking, though not as gruesome as I was led to believe. Then again, I have a pretty strong stomach so I could be bullshittin’ just a bit when I say that.

Discotek Ebola reviews:

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A little summary of all four “Raped by an Angel”-movies (from my personal entries in the diary-thread):

Raped by an Angel (Hong-Kong, 1993)

"My girlfriend kicked his dick with no mercy, isn’t it great?"

The good thing about a movie starring Chingmy Yau is, it still may be as bad as it gets, but it has at least one redeeming factor, and that is, uh, Chingmy Yau. This “Naked Killer” Follow-up is colorful mainstream Exploitation including borderline Bad Taste and an action-packed finale with an insanely satisfying solution. Add a fellatio-technique called “Ice-Fire-Stance”, Milk-Advertisement featuring female mercenaries blowing things up in the jungle, Simon Yam, a chainsaw and excessive rape: typical Wong-Jing-Madness. Surprisingly suspenseful thriller-plot, though.

Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan (Hong-Kong, 1998)

Nowadays filmmakers slowly seem to lose their touch, how to shoot truly engaging and entertaining Exploitation. It’s all gritty and low-budget now, where has all the colour gone? The second part is a boring rape-slasher with cheap backyard-visuals, full of dubious old-guys Fetish Fantasies and embarrassing voyeurism, which makes you feel kinda dirty. And no Exploitation in the second half, just a bleak run-off-the-mill Thriller plot and one tasteless torture-scene with a driller. Takes itself way to serious.

Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive (Hong-Kong, 1998)

Get down, nothing to be excited about, the colourful title is perhaps the most entertaining part about it. Not a stinker, though, just a very ordinary softcore erotic-thriller and rape-scenes luckily limited to the uttermost neccessary degree for the plot. Takes itself rather seriously, okay story-line, okay acting with some even more okay plot-twists in the end. Even got some tastefully filmed sex-scenes and most of the time women like to step out of their clothes willingly. Expect some immature dialogue, though, since this has Wong Jing written all over it. Didn’t got me horny, but wasn’t bored either. Don’t watch this if you’re not absolutely have to.

Raped by an Angel 4: The Raper’s Union (Hong-Kong, 1999)

Most tasteless entry into the franchise yet, but also exceeding previous sequels in terms of quality entertainment, and I blame Wong Jing for it, because when it comes to CAT-III Sleaze, Jing sure knows the ropes. This movie has some of the most unbelievably hillarious dialog I’ve ever heard, and I’m not talking about obligatory grammatical issues. Don’t miss Anthony Wongs guest-appearance as the “Human Milk Drinking Doctor”, ancestor of all rapists, who watches X-rated movies in order to control his sex-drive, and in his spare-time sells bras on the street. Yeah, I’m not kidding you. The rest is pure gross-out Schlock, bound to offend every second person on this planet with just a hint of Moral Responsibility. One fairly suspenseful domestic Chase Scene reminded me of the movie “Scream”, and the Slasher-like Showdown does conclude with some jaunty Action Set-Pieces. Ah, forget it, I just changed my mind: please try to avoid this movie under any circumstances. You don’t need to watch this. Please. I’m begging you.

Ebola Syndrome – 3,5/5

This is the closest I’ve ever come to puking while watching a movie. I really started feeling nauseous during the African pork chop scene. And I was grinning like a madman at the same time. Herman Yau’s legendary and surprisingly large scale Ebola Syndrome is definitely one of the sickest movies ever made. But it’s also so damn funny it’s impossible not to enjoy. Anthony Wong is in his element as a pathetic madman fled from HK to Africa, the dialogue is full of classics like â€

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
A good guess: A Chinese Torture Chamber Story

On my shopping list (was before I saw that clip :wink:)

Did you ever get it? Discotek R1 release will be out in a week from now and wondered if it would be a good (Or even decent) blind buy

Found 2 covers for it. So I don’t even know if one of them will be cut or uncut.

There’s even a third version of the cover… two will be used. Reversible with a nasty side and a best buy friendly side.

As for quality I’m having the same doubts, but decided it’s worth supporting studios like Discotek. I’ve got the disc on pre-order.

The wooden horse cover is totally awesome, btw… Actually, considering the genre, it’s probably a troijan horse with a naked, flying devil monk inside ;D

I’ve read good things about Cat III films so I might try to get some in the future…anybody recommend anything?

Ones that interest me are: Run and kill,Ebola Syndrome, and The untold story

I’ve read good things about Cat III films so I might try to get some in the future…anybody recommend anything?

Ones that interest me are: Run and kill,Ebola Syndrome, and The untold story

Ebola is definitely recommended.

Run and Kill should receive a new German uncut, english subbed (old HK theatrical subs) release sometime soon. At the moment only the French HK Video disc is uncut.

The Untold Story I still haven’t seen. I’ve been waiting to see if it gets a new remaster.

I would also recommend Red to Kill. I’ll try to get something posted about it later (if I’ve got the dvd here).

copy pasting my old comments

Red To Kill (Hong Kong, 1994) - 3/5

Rapes, romance and silly humour. A typical mid 90’s Category III film in other words. Good taste is nowhere to be found when a brutal rapist killer takes a beautiful and mentally retarded woman as his prey. Director Billy Tang makes his 1994 shocker all the more effective with his undeniable technical talent. He plays with colours, uses music and editing effectively and the flasback scene showing the killers past is like something that early 80’s Dario Argento would make if he was Cat III director. The is cast well chosen; the performance by the guy playing the killer could be considered a sort of landmark in insane exploitation acting, and Lily Chung’s (Daughter of Darkness) beauty and innocent looks are used to the fullest. Unfortunately some scenes are more disturbing than they ought to be, and while Tang shows more ambition than most genre directors he’s not quite skilled enough to pull out a film that would hold up from start to finish. His direction is more about inserting several highlights to an average film than keeping the quality hight throughout.

Universe’s non-anamorphic dvd is surprisingly good. No huge transfer or audio problems, and considering the $4 price tag this is a very good deal. There’s a remastered HK Video release (with French subs only, of course) but I think this is good enough for this film to justify passing that disc. However, if you don’t yet own the film and language doesn’t cause you problems / extra work then you may want to think twice. HK Video’s disc is also affordably priced as far as I remember (should be around 12€)

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
The new R0 US release by Discotek is quite excellent. Very good looking (almost fully) progressive transfer, original mono audio, newly translated “proper english subtitles” + … wait for it… original “crazy Hong Kong subtitles” (I’m not kidding, that’s what it says in the language menu). The extra materials are first rate as well…

Went through some of the disc last night. I don’t remember which company-version I had seen before when I first saw this movie, but the picture quality for this new disc is definetly a tremendous step-up. The African scenes looked far more glorious from what I remembered. Plus I never noticed that was Lo Meng playing Anthony’s boss! Although he’s still in great shape, the camera work in the old school Shaw Bros movies that he starred in always made him look 7 feet tall! And it was a trip to see how little he actually is compared to Anthony! ;D

Watching some of the old shaw brothers horror movies around 1983, I’ve to say: Most of the Cat 3 vehicles are kiddies pic compared to Boxer’s Omen, Seeding of a Ghost or Corpse Mania.

Run and Kill is still fine, though. The german uncut DVD is released since 15.12.2007, with Intruder as bonus.

cover a:

cover b:

heh, I just read about that dvd today. Gonna order it later this spring with some spaghetti westerns.

And btw, I saw The Boxer’s Omen a few days ago, too.