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To celebrate the premiere of Kill Bill vol.1 in Spain the next March 5!!


Para celebrar el estreno de Kill Bill vol.1 en España el proximo 5 de marzo!!


Nice job :wink:


You guys still don’t have Volume 1? Poor, poor Spain…



and here we are complaining about not having volume 2


You want me to tell you what happens at the end?


When i went to Spain at the beginning of December i was going to go to the cinema with a guy i met but we could’nt find one anywhere!

I’m so sorry that you haven’t got killbill yet :slight_smile:


Hi Indeep, I can´t see the pic! It´s really hard to wait so much time to see the movie, but it´s worth to wait!

btw Bexi, you can´t find a cinema in Spain?

Maybe you should look for a CINE (sorry just kidding…)


[quote]Hi Indeep, I can´t see the pic![/quote]

Click here: If you don’t see the pic refresh the window.


Haz click aquí: Si no ves la imagen actualiza la página.


Sorry indeed, don´t hate me… But I found no pic there…


Push the right mouse button in the no pic -> show image (I don’t know because I have a Spanish WinXP).

Sorrry, my english sucks ¬¬