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The beginning of jackie brown


when i saw the beginning of jackie brown it hit me that ive seen this before. im 100% sure that i saw something very similar to the beginning of the film, maybe 10years earlier than the film was released. does anyone have an idea which film the other one could be?

(its the scene in the apartment when they discuss who should answer the phone)


well, i don’t know BUT Jackie Brown isn’t a rip off of any movie. its made after a novel called “Rum Punch”, maybe Elmore Leonard, the writer, had something like that in his head while writing…

The beginning of the film is definitely exactly like the beginning of The Graduate (1967) directed by Mike Nichols. Both films begin with the main characters (Benjamin/Jackie) riding on a airport “people mover”.

The scene with Melanie and Ordell arguing about who should answer the phone: Ive been watchin it on DVD and I dont recall seeing a movie with that type of scene in it. Jackie Brown is based on a book by Elmore Leonard.

8) Quentin wanted at the beginning of the film for it to start off with just Pam: mostly to show “the greatness that is Pam” with a great piece of music that explains her: Across 110TH street. As if she’s this invincible, strong, superhuman character. Then as we move on in the film, watching her, she slowly, (as CAMERA moves back subtely* the show where we are) that she is this normal person who works in an airport. Not that great, but that she DOES have a presence about her. Mostly that whole scene was a tribute to Pam Grier and also to set up her character.

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Interesting post there by Mr. Pink… I also love the beginning of Jackie Brown - it’s like it’s getting you somewhere!

[quote=“kaari123”]Interesting post there by Mr. Pink… I also love the beginning of Jackie Brown - it’s like it’s getting you somewhere![/quote]
LOL yeah its comes out of nowhere. I mean no posts for 6 years then BOOM I say something completely random, and that was 2 years ago.