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Do any of you own any good anime movies on DVD? I’ve recently become very much interested in the genre, and I wonder which anime movies are worth owning. All I own right now is “Grave of the Fireflies”; it’s a really good film telling the tragic story of a fourteen year old boy and his six year old sister during World War 2 in Japan. Any other recommendations would be much appreciated.

My Anime DVDs in my collection right now:

Spirited Away


Ghost in the Shell

Speed Racer

[quote]My Anime DVDs in my collection right now:

Spirited Away


Ghost in the Shell

Speed Racer

I’ve heard great things about the first 3; I’ll definetely check them out.

Princess Mononoke is good anime. More fantasy anime than sci-fi.


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[quote]Princess Mononoke is good anime.  More fantasy anime than sci-fi.


<LINK_TEXT text=“ … onoke.html”></LINK_TEXT>[/quote]

Trailer looked sweet. And I hear it’s from the same director of “Spirited Away”.

I got:

Ninja Scroll (A Must-have!)

Wicked City

Vampire Hunter D-Bloodlust

Doomed Megapolis

(Does The Animatrix count?)

I’ve been thinking of getting Akira, but everytime I decide to, some new “edition” of the movie comes out. I guess I’ll keep on waiting ???

Akira is overrated in my opinion. I think it’s more admirable for what it is attempting to be than revered for what it is. Plus, there’s some issues with the filmmaker (he’s highly facist if you didn’t know. Since Akira, he’s made a live action movie called something like “The Horror of Japan” and the horror turns out to be foreigners who live in Japan corrupting the purity of the Japanese people).

I’m a bit familiar with anime and I have to say, some of the other films on other people’s list, I’ll be honest, I’m not to a big fan of. Namely films like Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, Wicked City, Doomed Mega, etc. The thing is, they’re usually the type of anime that are used to introduce people into anime but the thing is, they are so underrepresentative of the width and breadth the format has to offer. I mean let’s be honest, they’re all super violent, highly sexual action spectacles that appeals mostly to preteen males with raging hormones. In fact, for a long time, before the whole Pokemon explosion, these films are what left so many first time viewers with a bad taste in their mouths. They thought that all anime was like this, which isn’t true. Actually only a very small percentage of anime, less than 5%, follows this type of genre rules.

When I was starting to get into anime, I was such a hormonal preteen and saw these films. At the time, I was like, “Holy crap, this rules!” but I have to say, I’ve “moved on” to what I consider more mature, and better titles.

Princess Mononoke is one of such title. Spirted Away too. In fact, any of Hayao Miyazaki’s work is classic. Though don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all bloody anime is bad and the only good ones are ones with little violence (Princess Mononoke is somewhat violent actually). Just that, don’t get attracted only to those that show excessive amounts of gore.

The thing about anime is, I think anime’s best work comes in TV series. The really good anime series, unlike a lot of American series here which I feel ultimately mean nothing. American TV shows have a premise, which they keep making stories for. They go on and on for seasons, but they don’t have a real archplot in mind (Babylon 5 being an exception). The better anime shows though are different. They usually have a particular story they want to tell and they spend one season to tell that story (which explains why a lot more shows in Japan end after one season, because they want to tell a particular story adn that’s it). Really great shows, like Neon Genesis Evangelion, His and Hir Circumstances, Maisson Ikku, Cowboy Bebop, Raxephon, Escaflowne, etc are more like super long movies shown as a TV series. I know it is expensive to get into an entire series, but I say for particular titles, its worth it.

I know I gave a bunch of titles back there and you might not know where to start off, here’s three avenues I present

  1. Cowboy Bebop - this is probably the most conventional choice between the three. It’s action packed, very entertainging, great music, etc.

  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion - a real deconstructist take on the giant robot genre. Some people don’t like it, I think it’s because it’s too “heady” for them. If you are into psychology, philosophy, existentionalism, etc, this show is for you (by the way, this is my favorite anime series of all time, probably my favorite show of all time)

  3. His and Her Circumstances - You probably won’t get into this, but this is a romantic comedy anime series. I put it up here to show action isn’t the only thing anime does. In fact, the romantic comedy genre is just as popular, if not more so in Japan than the action genre. It’s super good though, this series, check it out.

    Actually there’s also a 4th option I give, which might be the easiest actually. While I think anime shows are the bomb, I think if you just want to get a taste of it, without breaking the bank, first, then try Escaflowne The Movie. There’s also a series, which is equally good, but I think I actually like the movie better. The Movie is kinda a retelling of the series, though they change a lot of critical points to tell a new tale. This movie has violence but not the over the top crazy style of Ninja Scroll and the ilk. It’s also a genre bender in that it’s an action/sci-fi/fantasy/romance all in one. Really great stuff. There’s an “Ultimate Edition” which is a bit pricey, so if you just want to sample it, there’s also an inexpensive regular edition. Well whatever you pick, happy hunting!

which ones have lots of blood and violence?

Cowboy Bebop The Movie: DVD is great

Akira: There’s a cool THXed Pioneer Tin-box DVD

Metropolis: Nice 2-disc set in digipak

ghost in the shell: many extras

This isn’t a DVD, but there isn’t an anime topic on Non-tarantino movie board so i decided to post here. On newgrounds i found this anime, that i thought was ok in the great scheme of things, but very impressive on flash. It’s very short, like five minutes. Check it out:

[quote]which ones have lots of blood and violence?[/quote]

Legend of the Overfiend

Ninja Scroll

Fist of the North Star

Crying Freeman



Wicked City

Violence Jack


I remember when i was 7 and I though ghost in a shell was for kids, and it was on ppv so i watched it, holy shit was i wrong. I hated it then, I enjoy it now.

I have a question. I’m not a big anime guy, so please don’t get mad at me for this. I realize that anime is not at all all about violence, but to me, that’s the fucking coolest part. Every Anime I’ve seen has short fights. The guys clash their swords and one gets cut in half. For example: I love Ninja Scroll, but the fighting is just too short. In the end he kills like 100 guys, but all you see is him slashing his sword and them floating in the air with blood coming out over and over again. What are some Anime DVD’s that are good, have good animation, are violent, and have long fights? I don’t like the fights where one guy jumps in the air, and then lands, and you see an orange slash mark go across the screen, and then next thing you know the guys dead. I want one where you see everything. Where one guy kills like fifty other guys, and you see every single hit, kick, and throw. I’m mostly interested in Samurai type anime, but more contemporary is cool too. Thanks a lot.

Are you sure you saw Ninja Scroll and not Ninja Resurrection? The latter really sucked, but in Scroll, there are some pretty long, well choreographed (for an animation) fights, and bloody deaths…and I don’t remember a hundred guys duying in Ninja Scroll…of course, its been a long time since I’ve seen it.

For one, i own it on the new Special Edition DVD, so yeah, I’m pretty sure. Also, i watched it yesterday. And, you proved my point, you didn’t SEE 100 guys die. They all came at him on the roof, and then you’d see him swing his sword down, and then there would be still frames of them floating with blood shooting out. I want to see long drawnout wide-angle fights. Have any of you guys seen xiaoxiao on #3 is just one angle of this long fight. That stuff fascinates me, because i can really tell what’s going on.

So I guess you weren’t impressed with the Jubei/Gemma fight then huh? That scrap goes on for awhile and was mostly fist-to-fist stuff. There’s a real fun moment in there when Gemma has Jubei pinned against a pole and unleashes a 35-punch combo on the poor guy.

But the thing is, Most anime are inspired by the chambara sword-play films that their country is famous for. And those climactic sword duels would only last about 10 seconds (About 8 seconds of the samurai staring at each other and the next 2 seconds would be an exchange of sword swinging until one of them was frozen in his tracks due to a swift, connected strike)

As for some other anime-samurai action, there’s Samurai X which I still haven’t seen yet and I don’t know if there’s a lotta bloodshed in it. Anybody know?

Damn. So they’re ALL like that? That sucks! I wanna see more fucking blood. Which ones do you think have the best sword fights or action? Not according to my question, just in your opinion.



I'm still not in anime that much, but from what I have seen, the [b]Berserk[/b] series kicks much ass in this context. I managed to see about 2 episodes on TV, and it was bloody. And I mean really bloody. "Kill Bill: Volume 1" bloody. People get shot in the middle of their eye (ala Sex Machine from FDTD), women get raped, men get killed sadistically etc. And the main character carries a sword as big as the fucking Stature of Liberty (ok, maybe not that big. But pretty big). It is what I would define as an anime with guts.

Thanks. What about movies though, i don’t know if i want to spend money on a whole series (Not that i would)