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Ok. I just found out today, as in the last hour, that on Wednesday, I have to give an 8 min speech on Tarantino for school (a biography). I was going to buy the book, but no stores near me sell it, and I do not have time to order online. Does anyone know of a good source for actual life stories of his childhood, then teenage years, then present-day? In case you cannot tell, I am panicking, because if I do not get this right (as in not just a filmography, an actual speech), I will fail the course (yes, I will fail SPEECH). Any detailed information or places to obtain this information would be greatly welcomed. Thanks for any help you all can give me!

I changed the title - cps

He lost his virginity to a hooker

I can’t say that at school, I go to a “Christian” school. I am looking for stuff like, “as a kid, tarantino was troubled. He did … and was caught for … He had … brothers and sisters”

Hi and welcome!

We have the information, you need on our HP.

Just click on the MAIN WEBSITE buttom above (it is this url: )

There click on BIOGRAPHIES:

You can find three kinda bios there.




There is enough footage for your school…

I am using those biographies, but I need some more specific information on his childhood, mostly. I am supposed to have anecdotes from all of his life, and childhood seems pretty scarce. Most just consist of “he was born…saw a movie… wrote screenplays…” By then, he is into adulthood. THe three categories I have to use are

  1. Childhood
  2. Teenage/young adult years
  3. Adult/present-day

You can find some of this in the articles/interviews on the HP.

Just check it out.

There are stories about him and other actoers and even more stuff.

IMO we could use this topic to collect some gossip about QT. Here we go:

From Yahoo, Wednesday May 12

CANNES, France (Reuter) - Quentin Tarantino had a confession to make on Wednesday – he once slugged a security guard at the Cannes film festival.

The cult American film director decided to come clean about his punch-up now that he has the most influential job in Cannes as head of the jury for this year’s festival.

Tarantino looked like an excited kid in a candy store at the thought of spending the next 12 days cooped up in a screening room, watching the contenders for the Palme d’Or best film prize.

He admitted that his passion for cinema ran away with him in 1992 when he was desperate to get in to a screening of the film “Man Bites Dog” by Belgian actor and writer Benoit Poelvoorde, who is sitting on the Cannes 2004 jury with him.

“I am trying to cleverly push my way in and all of a sudden this French guy with a tuxedo and a red bow tie pushes me in the chest,” he told reporters. "I am from Los Angeles. We have the LAPD there. These red bow tie guys don’t show me anything. So I took a swing at the guy."

Bedlam erupted. Five security guards pounced on Tarantino and his girlfriend pitched into the fight.

“I think it is safe to say that ‘Man Bites Dog’ breeds violence,” Tarantino said as the news conference erupted in laughter.

Poelvoorde jokingly warned Tarantino: "We have found the guard. He is still working here."

The second part of Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” martial arts saga is being screened out of competition at Cannes this year but he said: "As great as it is to go there with a movie, it is better to be president of the jury."

Tarantino brought his debut movie “Reservoir Dogs” to Cannes and then won the Palme d’Or with “Pulp Fiction” in 1994, an award that helped to launch his international career.

What a big hard man he is ::slight_smile:

You don’t sound like a real QT fan to me.

I like his films, I dont like him much.

Can anyone give me a story regarding his childhood and teenage years? As in he got run over by a car, or he bought a plastic toy that he carried everywhere? Something interesting that I can use as one of my stories? I have none regarding his life. Even a made up one that sounds believable would be greatly appreciated.

If you wanted us to make them up, why dont you make some up

I know absolutely nothing regarding his life, and everyone on this board seems to either have the book, found the book, or did something regarding it. I figured someone would have been able to help in some small way.

He got caught shoplifting an Elmore Leonard novel when he was a teenager (think it’s the one that John Travolta is reading on the toilet in Pulp Fiction) - does that count as a “story”?

'Quentin Tarantino became a successful director overnight and is now regarded as one of the coolest directors ever. However his private life has’nt always been so great, he had a average upbringing and was’nt one of the ‘sexiest’ men in town, however now he’s loved by all and plans to marry his soulmate, Rebecca, early next year.'

Say that.

…and then you woke up.

lol i think these guys are saying that there isnt very much on his childhood this is as far as i can tell you, would your teatchers be okay if the child story is breef?

plans to marry his soulmate, Rebecca, early next year.’

Who the fuck is Rebecca?

yeah? who the fuck is rebecca?

I am Rebecca!


Nah, It’s just me, elkie!