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Tarantino talks with fellow screenwriter Hegeland

In the New York Times…

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Pretty interesting and pretty damn funny too!

Tried finding another link, but it asks you to pay for access! :frowning:


It asks us to sign up. :frowning: Is there another link to it?

yeah; could you copy and past the article?


Thanks for taking the time to post that. It was a great read. Now I want to go out and rent some of those movies they mentioned. ;D

thank you for posting this. you could’ve as well sent it to me, because, I’ll delete this posts anyway and replace them with a link to the article, because I’m gonna publish this on the main website.

thanks again

That was some awesome stuff to read. Great find Jeff!

QT mentioned the book WW and The Dixie Dancekings, that movie version is one of my favorites! I dont think alot of people have seen it, but if you can find it, check it out. Ive never read the book.

I liked the parts about him getting his typewriter from Grace back, his mom not getting a house. haha. And his childhood crush Tatum O Neal became Somerset O Neal in his own Afterschool Special script (later part of the Fox Force Five).

Also you can see the types of writing QT likes most: Crime, Comedy, Film Noir, Westerns, B-Movies mostly.

That crosstalk is one of the best things Ive read so far on the board. :slight_smile:

good stuff - thanks for sharing!


any interesting pictures accompanying this article?

This is the only one.

He loves titanic. DIE! :-[

holy shoestrind Helgeland was paid $5,000,000 for writing A Knights Tale - he must be minted, looking at his resume his written or directed a lot of films, I bet hes made about $30+

What does someone who spends all his time making films do with with all that money?