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Tarantino plans horror remake?

Have read this on a german page. The news said, that Quentin likes the first twenty minutes of a Dutch horror movie called DOODEIND (starts 3. August in the Netherlands) and wants to remake. The article didn’t say anything about his role as a producer or as a director, only said that he wants to be a part. What do you think?

oh please Quentin, what happened to Inglorious Bastards?

[quote=“The Seb”]
oh please Quentin, what happened to Inglorious Bastards?


I hope he does Inglorious Bastards, if he doesn’t…it’d be a shame.

forget it the western is not coming out…sorry ofcourse it may come out-you know what it can do to you when your waiting for a good movie for so long.

I think Quentin will do the war film first(I hope)

i think the chances of him doing a sex film is even higher.

Porn? huh? maybe?

Pulp Friction

Reservoir Tip

Thrill Bill

Cracky Brown

Natural Tittied Killers

^looooool man

pulp friction

jules: what have you got there?

brett: a penus wapper, fries and a coke.

jules: did you just say a penus wapper?

Brett: yeah, but its without mayonese. i dont like white stuff all over my penus.