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Tarantino not directing Half-Life

[quote]While news of a Half-Life film would be hot by itself, what the film insider said next was more scorching than a habanero enema. He/she said that Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino had been hounding Valve executives to bring the game to the big screen, and that he was currently in negotiations with the developer. Most film fans were under the impression the director was in preproduction of his long-in-the-making World War II epic, Inglorious Bastards.

Alas, the image of Gordon Freeman smacking headcrabs to the tune of “Stuck in the Middle With You” was shattered by Doug Lombardi, Valve’s director of marketing. After joking that Tarantino was in his office playing Counter-Strike: Source, he set the record straight. “As much as we’d love to meet with him, we’ve never been contacted by Mr. Tarantino nor ‘his people,’” said Lombardi. “We’ve had many conversations with folks in Hollywood, but have no commitments for an HL movie at this time.” [/quote]

Source: Gamespot news (Click to read the entire news!)

So they cleared up that rumor. Although I’d love to see that movie on the screen

Good news. Videogame movies always turn out to be shit anyway, no matter who directs them.

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m stunned.

[quote=“Mr.Baby Stomper”]
Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m stunned.

stunned in what sense? in a positive way? and stunned by what?

Stunned that he’s not directing a Half-Life movie. I was kidding.

i can’t think of a single video game-movie adaption that’s ever been good. Although i’m kinda excited about halo.

Yeah but name a videogame movie that was helmed by a good director. :police:

The upcoming “Silent Hill” got some very good prospects, in my opinion. And Christophe Gans is definetely someone who knows his equipment.

the thing with Half Life is, the videogame is almost a movie on its own, so you could just put a camera in front of your computer and play the entire game through, and you have your movie. so if they’d really want to make a movie, it would either be exactly the same story, or something totally different…