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Tarantino Made Me Do It!

Hi, I am currently doing a dissertation on Quentin Tarantino and the effects of his films (particularly the violence in them) on society. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

There is an ongoing argument about whether films do actually influence people to partake in violent activity and QT is often brought into play. With his films containing many violent acts people instantly accuse him of causing people to hurt each other.

Two examples:

  1. Two teenage boys, (forget the names) went on a killing spree a la Mickey and Mallory from Natural Born Killers across america.
  2. 3 young boys imitated the ear cutting scene from Reservoir Dogs on a 15 year old.

    Now, people instantly blamed the film, however people have argued otherwise.

    My Question Is: Do you think the films of QT can directly influence someone into being violent or do you think there are other circumstances/factors that cause it?

    Detailed answers would be appreciated (ie. More than just Yes or No)

    Thank You For Your Time.

I think this post would be more at home here…

Offcourse the violence has an effekt on people. Fuck…that didn´t sound as a defense to the violence…Fuck!..sorry dude

It obviously influenced them…but if you do something like that you re already pretty retarded…so if there werent any QT movies around they would probably fixate on something else and dive off a building like a pokemon…

there are sick people everywhere…you cant protect them from doing sick shit by banning violent stuff…

even if you ban all violent stuff they’ll fixate their needs on something else and pick up ideas from an animal killing another animal…or staging an excident…or etc etc etc

I think that violent people will commit violent acts. Unimaginative violent people will copy what they see on the news, movies or t.v.