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Tarantino looking at adapting new zombie comic book as film

I heard that Quentin is looking to pick up the rights for a new comic book series called G.R.A.V.E. GRRRLS.  It’s an action horror story dealing with three super powered female government agents going up against flesh eating zombies.  The book is rated NC17 (didn’t know comics had a ratings code) for violence, language and gore and is supposed to be full of martial arts ass kicking.  They’re promoting one of the issues as a KILL BILL tribute, and on their site is a cover that looks just like one of the Japanese KB poster one sheets.  The guy who turned me onto the book said the creators are huge Tarantino fans.

The first issue is shipping to my (and I assume all other) comic shop this Wednesday (March 30) and my comic shop guy told me last week Quentin is even IN the book somehow.  They also got some big name artists working on it, including Alex Ross (who is the big cheese in the comic world).

I’m a major Quentin fan and a comic fan, so this book really has me excited.  And if he’s going to do a movie too- what a great time for comic book films (can’t wait for SIN CITY!)

Their site is if you want to check it out.  And if anybody knows anything else, post up- I figured someone here should have some info.

lol, too many rumors nowadays, too many

yeah i agree. Mind you it doesn’t help when QT comes up with these ideas himself, talks about it, and then gets into something else…

This idea does sound quite cool though :wink:

That would be kool would kind of be his own FDTD.

Picked up the new RUE MORGUE magazine (issue #44) last night and what do I see- a fantastic review of GRAVE GRRRLS issue 1 with a HUGE pic of the KILL BILL tribute cover!

Not only that, they talk about the second issue and the KILL BILL sequence- it’s a take on the House of Blue Leaves scene, only instead of the Crazy 88 one of the the Grrrls has to Umafy a ton of zombies.

There has to be something to this rumour about Quentin and the comic. And with SIN CITY looking to be the hot movie of the year, maybe he and Robert R. are looking at more comic adaptations.

Also got to thumb thru a copy of the first book at my local comic shop (it didn’t hit this week but will be out next Wednesday, April 6th- a collation problem at the distributor caused the delay but my comic guy had a friend who got him a copy) and I’m more psyched then ever. This is a great comic and totally Tarantinoesque! And if any of you know Alex Ross’ work, the cover is a semi nude piece with one of the Grrrls and a zombie. Simply amazing!

anychance of scanning the Kill Bill tribute up the forum ?

I’m at work but it’s up on their site-

so where’s the source for the rumor itself?

My comic shop guy got it off the net or something somewhere- I’ll ask him next week when I go for my books.

My comic shop guy got it off the net or something somewhere- I’ll ask him next week when I go for my books.

next time ask for the source before you post that, i mean. its great to have people posting rumors, but a rumor is worth nothing if its “from the guy in my comic store” :slight_smile: i hope you understand

I understand completely, no offense taken. The owner of the shop is usually pretty reliable when it comes to info, so I took him at his word and didn’t even think to ask.

I read this and alot of other boards alot but I’m not a huge post kind of girl. This just got me excited and I wanted to share with other Quentin fans. Plus, with the comics whole Tarantino tribute thing I thought it was definitely possible, especially with QT’s knowledge and love of pop culture.

Even if he isn’t, still looks like a great read and I can never get enough QT in any form.