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Tarantino [Jim Smith]

Tarantino: Virgin Film by Jim Smith

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Paperback: 255 pages text, (~310 total); some color images.

Publisher: Virgin Publishing (August 30, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN: 0753510715

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"One of the very best books about Tarantino's movies to day, Smith manages to both analyze his movies from a point of view noone else before him has done, and take a look at the man's work in a numer of contexts that matter to his fans. Well-written, full of insight and not too short, this book might very well make it to the top of must-read Tarantino books." - Sebastian Haselbeck (

sounds good. but no word on when it comes out…

It comes out on August 30, 2005.

I just realized that that’s two days before David Carradine’s Kill Bill Diary is released.

The latest book in the Virgin series is on Tarantino, written by Jim Smith, who also did books on George Lucas and gangster films.

I made a jpeg of the cover but couldn’t figure out how to import it into this message.

post a reply, click “additional options” and attach the file. alternatively send it to us

thanks for joining, Mr Holm!

by the way I will most likely receive a copy of this book and I will write a review for it asap

I bought it the other day, not much of a biography though

I bought it the other day, not much of a biography though

what then?

It’s more about his actual films, a detaield account of each of them It’s still a good read though

I just started it. Looks goo so far, better than Page’s book. As always, a review will be online once I’m through

this book is pretty good alright.

YEha just finished the reservoir dogs section. really good stuff

here we go, my review:

A must own, this book. You can trash Edwin Page’s book if you have this one ;-))

here’s the wiki page for this great book:

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Just received this book today after about a week of aniticipation. I’ve read about 40 pages so far, and I gotta say, this book is awesome. It isn’t really a biography like mentioned before, but it goes into great depths about all of Quentin’s films. There is some really great analysis. I am starting to really appreciate all these subtle things in films that end of being detrimental to the way the viewer perceives the film. Anyone interested in reading a book about Quentin definately should get this one. As far as a biography, it seems like Bernard’s book is the way to go, and would be complimentary to “Tarantino.”