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'I think I am a pretty good director’

Times of India - India

… You had picked Beatty to play villain Bill, but plumped for David Carradine instead after reading the veteran’s autobiography. Comment. …

AJ! I can not open the site!

Can you help me wiht an other link or maybe with some more information about the interview?

Here you go;

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The interviewer is a moron. He asks such stupid questions and makes stupid comments.

Sorry but it is Quentin who sounds like the moron when he answers the Uma Romance question. "I’m not saying we have and I am not saying we havent"

Quentin dearest you havent! Get over it.

The interview is pretty rehashed

perhaps that is just his way of saying that that is personal information and he doesnt want to give it out

Or perhaps he would like people to believe he shagged Uma…I am sure I read something about Uma being a bit uncomfortable with him saying that…I’ll see if I can find it

He probably did shag her. How do you know he didn’t?

[quote]He probably did shag her. How do you know he didn’t?[/quote]

if you read the interview with her in THIS Rolling Stone:

i think i remember Uma saying that he kind of creeps her out. the way she described it (and he did as well in another interview) he is kind of obsessed with her.

no offense to QT, but i don’t think he ever had her.  :-/

if you can get your hands on these interviews, i recommend that you read them. there were two seperate interviews, one with Uma about QT and one with QT about Uma. it’s interesting to hear what they say about each other when they aren’t together.

edit: and she sure looks good on that cover.  :smiley:

[quote]He probably did shag her. How do you know he didn’t?[/quote]

Probably because she was so grossed out by the possibility in an interview

Man, I wish I could get a hold of that issue. The front cover fuckin’ owns.

I really hope he does not make anymore Kill Bill movies. 2 was enough we don’t need a million of them floating around.

It wasnt two to begin with. Most of the cast and crew see Kill Bill as one BIG movie as that is how they filmed it

Well as do I. I see the film as one big movie. But I really don’t want them to burn this movie to hell by making more of them. Yes Kill Bill was very good but I think it would ruin the whole thing by making more.

Great cover I agree though I doubt QT is more obsessed with the sheer image, appeal, and presence of Uma Thurman as I am. :wink:

More Kill Bill films might be fine, but the story is resolved … PERIOD. Let’s move on…


Bring On Inglorious Bastards!!