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I started this because I wanted to know who of you are gonna write a review about this??

And I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m almost finished with writing my own, but since Seb is away, to whom should I send?

Cause I doubt I can wait till he comes back from Toscane.

Just put it on the board for while he is gone.

Naw, I think I do it your way.

I’m gonna put it on a website of a friend of mine, and I’m gonna make him add a big thank you to

I write this to be read, and if I’d post it on here I don’t think I could sent a link to everyone.

Could I?

I freakin’ finished it!!! It’s 4 in the morning, but I did it!!! I finished my KB review. It will be up tomorrow somewhere.

It’s longer than 4 pages!!!

You can email it to - if it’s not really badly written (but I don’t assume this anyway) I can put it online while Sebastian is in Italy.



When I finished reading it (it’s gonna take me some time though, because I’ve got plenty of other things occupying me at the moment), I’m going to write a review myself too. I expect to write it in about a week. Of course I’ll offer it to Seb in case he wants it exclusively, but he’ll probably be overrun by reviews of boardmembers…so if he decides on not taking it, I might send it to AICN or something…but of course our fine webmaster will have first picks :wink:

Im working on my review. Im not gonna write an essay on it though. Im just going to write a few paragraphs about what I thought about it. After all, its not the movie itself, just the script. Im not including any dialogue in it either. People have seen enough dialogue. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry guys, but I’ve already sent it to my friend the minute I finished it. And he has posted it.

I hope you enjoy it,

it’s at…

It runs for 4 pages

(I can put a link here, can I?)

Hey Sprite, I just read your lengthy review of the script. It was very well done. You made some good points too.

Your definiotely right about the ignorance Darwin Mayflower had toward the script. He obviously doesnt know what QT is going for with Kill Bill. I dont know if your a fan of Exploitation films, but from what I read, you certainly understood the script.

I read the script myself a few times and I really enjoyed it. There were a few parts that I felt didnt really matter plotwise, but overall its one of the best things Ive ever read.

In the end, all we’ve seen is the written word. Seeing the images on the big screen act out the story will be a whole other experience. I have a feeling that KIll Bill will be an exercise in QTs love of cinema techniques and tricks. The story wont be the only exciting thing going on, the whole experience will be one big rollercoaster ride through the strange and exciting world of Exploitation cinema. 8)


  • Best Chapter: “The Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei”
  • Worst Chapter: “Can She Backe A Cherry Pie…”
  • Favorite Characters: The Bride, Budd and Pai Mei

  • The Best Things: QT plays with all the movie toys (split screen, zooms, filtres, music) all for made the coolness movie in the history! I like the gore too.

  • The Worst Things: Some parts in the script doesn´t work and the final scenes with Bill, The Bride and B.B speaking are too long.

    Final Score: 8/10.  This is the score for the script. Add the QT direction style, the Robert Richardson Cinematography, etc… and we will have A GREAAAAAT MOVIE!!! 8)


One thing I didnt get is why The Bride was so interested in Yuki Yubari. She made it a big point to find out all about her. It just seemed strange to me. Especially after she slaughtered all the Crazy 88s and O-Ren.

My favorite chapter : Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei

My least favorite: Yukis Revenge (seemed out of place in the story)

My favorite character : Pai Mei (I wish he was in the film longer.)

Best things : The characters, the gore, the cinematic pops and buzzers.

The worst things : Some of the chapters were too short. Especially Elle and I and Pai Mei.

My final score : 9/10 stars. Showdown At House of Blue Leaves should get 5 stars just for that sequence. This film will undoubtedly deliver when its edited and finished with the special “surprises” all put in place. The cinematic imagery will fill the certain miniscule gaps in the script anyway. Im sure when I see it in October 2003, Ill give it 100 stars. :slight_smile:

Here is my review.


As much as I enjoy reading script reviews about Kill Bill, Im starting to get bored with people trying to dissect the script, trying to find mistakes in the story. I mean, its supposed to be a review not an “Editing the Script” contest. Why not just write a review without a billion spoilers and comment on how you feel about it and about the experience you had reading it?

When i send my review, do i just copy and paste the review onto the e-mail or do i include it as an attachment? If it is an attachment, what kind of format would i put in? Final Draft? Appleworks? or what…?

The easiest thing to do is just copy and paste it into the email and send it. Thats how I send my stuff.

The only problem I had with the script was how they didn’t ever explain how the Bride healed from her shotgun injuries. She just gets out of the box and is good to go.

I agree, that bothered me a lot.

I dont know, I guess The Bride is an unstoppable super bad mofo. If Richie Gecko can get a hole shot in his hand and spit Tequila on it then wrap duct tape around it without passing out, I guess The Bride can get a shitload of rocksalt in her tits and ass and still walk around.

But there is a big difference between those two instances.

Well QT has some reason for doing it that way. Getting shot with rock salt isnt gonna kill you, just mess you up really bad. It doesnt say shes healed, it says her bloody wounds have dried up.