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I havent seen it…im the new guy here hehe


Take a stroll around the Archives. You can seriously spend hours in there and not even know it. :wink:


[quote=“Sgt. Geoi Donowitz”]
Take a stroll around the Archives. You can seriously spend hours in there and not even know it. :wink:

So so true!


[quote=“Sgt. Geoi Donowitz”]
Take a stroll around the Archives. You can seriously spend hours in there and not even know it. :wink:

look who’s talking :stuck_out_tongue: get a life, Sgt Geoi! ;D


so everyone help me out a bit. i need some cool questions for QT, til schweiger, diane kruger, chris waltz, daniel bruehl and august diehl. please only post seriously good questions, thanks!


For QT: Do you feel any hesitation in retrospect on including the final line “I think this just might be my masterpiece”? Do you feel that perhaps some critics have been resentful of a filmmaker showing such satisfaction in his own work without their approval?

In lieu of that question, also consider asking this to QT: You’ve dealt with a number of sub-genres including heist movies, blaxploitation, gangster movies, kung fu, macaroni war movies, spaghetti westerns… What are some other genres that you still intend to tackle at some point?


What (in the hell?) made you decide to cast Eli Roth as Donny the Bear Jew?


What are your main influences for Inglorious Basterds?


For QT: If for some reason or other it turns out that this is the last movie you ever make, would you be happy with it as Quentin Tarantino’s last film.


For Daniel Bruhl: Your character has two very different sides to him depending how you look at it. On one side he’s a National hero, very charming, and a bit naive but then on the other he’s a ruthless killer, arrogant and a Nazi. Now, this is the tough part and be honest, which side did you prefer?

For QT: While this is very much like most of your films in that it’s big, it’s darkly hilarious, violent and all around entertaining. There’s another layer to it, like in Jackie Brown, where you took your time with a lot of the characters in lead up to the grand finale (the money exchange in JB and the awesomeness that is the IB ending). So what I’d like to know is what state of mind you were in when writing this? Was it the same as your last films or were you thinking on a whole new, wild level with this one?


well I’d go with those ones for QT :

What movie in your filmography do you consider the closest one to IB ?

Do you regret the decision of rushing the production to get it in time for Cannes or are you totally satisfied with it now that you’ve seen the final product ?

How was it difficult to direct foreign actors, and did you get some help from languages coach ?

What would you answer to people saying your last great movie is Pulp Fiction ?


For Til Schweiger: Your characters name comes from a Mexican actor who was famous for starring in horror films. Did you watch any films starring Hugo Stiglitz, or did Tarantino perhaps guide your performance in a certain way that would pay homage to the actor and/or genre?

For Chris Waltz: Do you have a favorite performance from an actor playing a Nazi? If so, did you think about it at all when you were preparing for your role, and if not, did you think about any past performances or did you try to bring something completely new and different with Hans Landa?

For Diane Kruger: Your character goes through some rather grueling and bloody stuff in the film. What is your take on the use of violence in Inglourious Basterds?

For any of the actors: What is your favorite scene and why?

Who is your favorite character and why?

For Daniel Bruhl: What’s the biggest difference between the directorial styles of Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino?

For Quentin Tarantino: Many people talk about the difference between your earlier work, (Dogs, Fiction, Brown…) and the pictures that seem to be more about you paying homage to your favorite films (yakuza movies for Kill Bill, B-movie slashers for Death Proof and now macaroni WWII for IB). Do you agree that there is a clear difference and would you talk about it a little?


Here’s a great question for the Q:

“Can we safely state that this is probably the only movie in history which makes you feel sorry for the Nazis?”



For QT: What was in the briefcase?


For QT:

Are you planning to extend IB for it’s release on blueray/DVD?


For QT:

As someone who has been influenced by Jean-Luc Godard, and it’s been said that this film pays homage to the likes of him, what scenes in-particular did Godard influence in this film?

How close was this film (I.B.) from being considered as a mini-series?

What actors do you want/favor to work with next? What about someone like a Daniel Day-Lewis?


From a friend of mine on facebook:

"The music you select to in your films is one one the most characteristic traits of your films. With IB I’ve been hearing that one of the scenes that people are already talking about is a scene where you use David Bowie’s “Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)”. From what I’ve heard is that the way this music works in this scene could be as memorable as the torture scene from “Reservoir Dogs” with “Stuck in the middle with you”. Just curious how is it that you were able fit a song from the 80’s into a film about WWII? And what was the inspiration for the song in that scene?"

Pretty good question, may I say.


For QT: What was in the briefcase?

A light bulb! :smiley:

For entire cast:

Who would like to work with QT again in the future?


To what extent was IB and even Eli Roth’s mini film inspired by Riefenstahl’s work?


For Daniel: “Did you need to make yourself familiar with the ww2 rifles for the sniper scenes or are you a gunsman in real life already?” plus "Laurent’s character is turning you down through the entire film. Being a celebrity yourself, does that ever happen to you in real life?"

For Kruger: “Does QT treat his actresses differently then the actors when it comes to directing, taking many shots, etc., i.e., is he easier on the ladies then the guys?” plus "Your character gets pretty well facked over. Did you want the role despite that or did that part actually make you want to do it even more?"

For Waltz: "How many glasses of milk did you have to drink during the shooting of the first scene?"

For Tarantino: “How is working in Germany different from working in Chinese and/or America and how is it similar?” plus “Editor is supposedly director’s closest collaborator when making a movie. You’ve worked with the same editor, Sally Menke, since Reservoir Dogs. What is it about her editing skills as well as about her personality that makes you stay with her thru all these years and how has your relationship evolved since the very beginning?”