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Tarantino In-Depth?

I have a sudden craving to read up on something which provides a critique, an alternative view, an in-depth discussion if you like about Tarantino and his movies. Basically I am looking for anything that provides some interesting views on Tarantino and his films. Even something like a commentary of any of his films in writing will do.

Here is a link to give you an idea of the sort of stuff I’m looking for:

I don’t want some random retarded shit, but something that makes it clear that the author has clearly thought about what he/she is writing about (just like the essay in that link).

Any help will be hugely appreciated as always.



Here is another link:

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Something like this but, I’m not looking for an article that just criticises him. I want to read something intelligent, that goes into details, and provides an insight in QT and his films.

why not buy some books? I have yet to write a review of “Quintessential Tarantino” by Edwin Page and some others, but there are some nice analysis and critiques also in The Film Geek Files and other books

Yeah, I might just do that. What books would you recommend?

In the mean time, can anyone provide any links?


Here is another excellent link:

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the books by Page, Botting, Bouzerau, Barnes, Dawson and Woods seem to offer quite some analysis, the others are mostly specialty or bios