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Tarantino For The Green Hornet?

So do any of you guys think Tarantino would make a good director for this upcoming Miramax project, he isn’t actually linked to doing it I just thought he could do a good job of it with Kevin Smith writing and Tarantino Directing it would be a great flick.

Tarantino should always write and direct his own stuff. If Smith is so untalented at directing an action movie, let him find someone else.

Kevin Smith should stick to comedy’s…and QT should do as much of the work that can be done in a movie…es spes the writing…because I think thats his best feature…,

I personally think Smith would do a good job at writing I mean he’s done stuff for various comics I don’t see why Smith couldn’t write this movie, it would be better if it was co written by both of them but that would never happen,anyway If Tarantino did this movie then yeah I can see why He’d want control in both writng and directing.

Kevin Smith was going to make Green Hornet, but for some reason he has decided not to.

well, he is confirmed to writing it and I’d like to see him direct it as well. i don’t think this is a project for tarantino, although he is obviously fan of the green hornet.

Smith is writing it, but has his doubts about directing it…

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