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Tarantino Fantasy

What genre should Q try out or stick with next?

  • A bunch of gangsta ass niggaz doin’ a bunch of gangsta ass shit
  • Spaghetti Western
  • Science Fiction
  • Horror
  • War/Historical
  • Bio-Pic (ah!)

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WHat kind of movie would yall like Tarantino to make.

I think with his fast pace smart long diologe he could do some kind of mordern SHakspearean movie. It be a weird but cool movie.

And if Tarantino could make an comicbook movie (since the’re so hot at the moment) which story or charactor could he pull of the best?

I could imagine a weird version of Hamlet.

In Germany an artist called ‘Christoph Schlingensief’ did an adaption of this play: All the actors were Nazis. Quite a funny idea I think - but the public wasn’t very amused.

A Shakespeare-Play featuring tarantinoesque dialogues would be something worth to see.



I think Quentin could do any kind of film really, hes a film sponge, his dialogue style could work great in any genre as well. From romantic comedy to horror films.

After he finishes Kill Bill (exploitation epic) and Glorious Bastards (WW2 epic) Id like to see him do a suspense/thriller type film or a melodrama.

I have a feeling that after those films are done it will be awhile until he does another film, but we’ll have 2 more classics in our collection. :slight_smile:

I don’t think he would be able to write a drama. His dialogue-style is always humour-based and would not fit into this genre.


???do yall think that he is capable of writing crazy cool but believable sci fi characters. Somthing like the fifth element type movie?

:-/God i hope Kill Bill doesnt turn like star wars, with all the hype and they end up with a bad movie.

::slight_smile:what do yall think about Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, writing/directing a sci fi (star wars/The matrix/Fifth Element/with a Japanimation type story)type. With the SFX help of George Lucas.

Good or Bad Idea?

ill think of other combos, crapy ones.

I believe Quentin could write a great dramatic film. Just because QT writes witty fun dialogue doesnt mean he cant write a serious drama. Hes a great writer in general. How can you doubt someone so fast? Give the guy a chance.

Quentin could do a great sci fi film by himself, forget Lucas and Rodriguez. I dont want him teaming up with any other directors. I want 100% QT films from now on.

To Orange, his dialogue isnt always humor based. Plus humor is something thats good even in dramas. It doesnt mean the whole film is gonna be a comedy.

quentin is also known to bring great sound tracks, can anyone think of any songs that he could use on this next film?

oh and Robert Rodriguez is also a bad mother F***** so no dont forget him. 8)

I dont know what kind of music Kill Bill will have. Its a revenge film so I dont know if QT plans on scoring it with original music or if hes gonna use his famous retro tastes and throw some obscure pop classics in it. Whatever he does I dont want any hip hop music in it or techno beats.

You know what I’d really love for QT to do?

I’d love for him to make a movie in every country.

What I mean is:  He’d travel to a different country, soak up the local culture (especially film and pop culture), use local “cool” and “cult” actors and make a film unique (in style and genre) to that place.

I know that’s kinda what he’s doing with “Kill Bill”: a Chinese movie in China, a Japanese movie in Japan.  That’s why I’m so excited by it.

But I think he could really expand on that model.

Imagine the cool and interesting stories he could come with, say in Africa, in Italy, Spain, in Bollywood (India), South Korea, etc.

What country would you want him to set a story in?

Any ideas?

I never really thought of that. Good idea Jeff. I think it would be cool to see QT make a film in China or Japan. I think hes probably versed in those places the best and could use his knowledge of those cultures really well. I know hes already shooting in China, but, a film solely with Chinese stars would be great. Maybe something like a mix of Abel Ferrara’s China Girl and Wong Kar Wai’s Chunking Express. Have it be like chinese gangs with a romantic storyline.

A Western. To Be Continued…

a movie about gemany in the 1940s … but I don’t think everybuddy would like the result

an american highschool drop-out making a movie about Germany??? what should the title be? “The Krauts and their beer”? Americans can’t make serious european movies. Schindler’s List is one of the few exceptions.

no please, Quentin. Stop your GLORIOUS BASTARDS idea, it gives me the creeps.

Make a western!

Seb, your talkin about Quentin Tarantino, not some hack like Michael Bay, lol.

Plus, the script is already finished.

Glorious Bastards isnt gonna be a serious film. Its most likely gonna be a film like Dirty Dozen or Kellys Heroes meets Reservoir Dogs. Nazis, theres not much to know about them other than they were evil fuckers.

Im not even a fan of WW2 films to be honest. But Im hoping QT does something new and fun with the genre.

Larry and Alabama:a sequel to True Romance and prequel to RD. A Romance/Crime Drama/Action-Adventure

The Vega Brothers:Starring John Travolta as Vincent Vega and Michael Madsen as Toothpick Vic Vega

QT teaming up with George A.Romero to make a movie with Cops and Gangsters fighting off zombies and vampires. Action-Adventure/Horror/Comedy

QT writing a screenplay for Director John Woo

QT casting Edward Norton

Same here for the Edward Norton thing…he’s my favourite actor :slight_smile:

I Love Edward Norton,He’s my favorite actor. I loved him in Fight Club and American History X. In American History,I love part when Edward Norton confronts his former mentor,cusses him out,and yells at him. He should win a oscar.

American History X was an awesome film. One of my favorites of the 90s. Edward Norton was a bad mofo in that. I loved when he kicked the shit out of Cameron (Stacy Keach). I was like: YEAHHH!! I like controversial movies like that.

“If you ever come near my family again, I will rip your heart out and feed it to you”

“You fucking chicken hawk” LOL I loved it.

I would like to add another QT fantasy with Edward Norton and Sam Jackson who are very close best friends and gangsters in a tale written and directed by Mr.Tarantino. It’s sounds like a awesome team. When Sam Jackson was on TRL promoting Shaft(2000), He said He would love to work with Edward Norton.

i’d really like to see a mafia movie made by QT. i really think he could pull it off, he’s great with dialogue. plus i really like mafia movies.