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Hey everyone, I’m new here.

I was wondering, if you guys were making a film documentary about the life of QT how would you make it? For example: Where would you start it/end it. The music you’d use. Whether you’d have Quentin in the film himself.


that’s a cool question. I would definitely ditch the whole idea of a documentary and go with “a day in the life of…” format, or “an evening out with…” and use that as the framework. so i would sit down and talk about something and then cut in documentary aspects, footage, etc…


Yeah! That’s a pretty cool idea. I could watch 8 hours of Quentin just doing stuff and talking, he’s just that cool. I reckon I would make it a sort rags to riches film, however I would cut it of early. he very second when Harvey Keitel clled him.