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Tarantino cut of True Romance?


yeah I don’t disagree with you, my main gripe is with some people who have the weird idea that the True Romance we all know is somehow like a Natural Born Killers, a movie Tarantino doesn’t like and therefore they want to recut it the way the original script sais. I know I’m expressing myself clumsily here, but I don’t have a problem with people modifying stuff, or with “what-if” scenarios, it’s the sub-tone of some of these fan edits, and this one in particular, that makes me shake my head. I can’t get rid of the feeling that whoever made this just doesn’t get the fact that Tarantino voluntarily sold this script and someone else made the movie, and hell, Tarantino liked the final product and even recorded an audio commentary for it. Some people just wanna be smarter than the people they claim to adore :wink:


Quentin would have picked better music.


for sure…

imo this edit cannot work for the same reason that the original ending (w/ clarence dying) has been shot but cut from the movie. it’s called A DIRECTORIAL VISION. tony scott envisionned (is that a verb?) the film as a straight-forward, dark and violent romantic comedy, HENCE… the film as we know it today… you may not think he made the best choices (i don’t) but as Seb put it; this is a tony scott film, not a quentin tarantino film…


No he didn’t. He planned on releasing it Tarantino’s way but was afraid people would be confused so he re-edited it into what it is today. Either way I don’t think the “Tarantino” cut was all that different. It was pretty much the same except the beginning happened in the middle. I think Alabama and Clarence come off a bit crazier in “Tarantino’s” cut though. Can’t really put a finger on why though.


i read everywhere that tony scott clearly had in mind a straight forward storyline and a happy ending from the start. he did a first cut that was close to the script (it’s usually done when a film is edited) even though he felt it wasn’t going to work for him.


Hi fellow Tarantino fans !

This is my first post here, and I’d like to tell you that this “Tarantino Cut” is worth the download. Of course, we will never know if that cut would have been the same as QT would have done, but I think it’s an interesting watching.

You can find it on . It’s currently seeded, and there are a lot of seeders, so… just download it ! :slight_smile:


I’ve seen the Tarantino cut of True Romance. Downloaded it a few weeks ago. Much better than the Tony Scott version. Basicly its just rearranged and all the deleted scenes added in and the ending is Clarence dying. I suggest you guys should search for it on the pirate bay and download it.


Love this movie so much. Always wanted to see what a Tarantino style edit would look like but never been able to find a version, so I made one myself.