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Tarantino a genre?

I know that “Tarantinoesque” and “Tarantinoism” are pretty much in the dictionary… not really, but he’s got his own style. I was thinking that he kind of works in his own genre as well. His movies have inspiration and influence from other genres but for the most part, those are dead genres… Thoughts?

yeah, it’s like they’re always saing “this movie is tarantinesque” etc.

interesting point. I think the only thing that would shatter this theory of his movies being a genre by itself is when he does adaptations or something, or whatever comes after IB. but yeah, i think you could say this is a genre, when you have movies, that are the product of creativity resulting from having seen millions of movies. they’re not an artistic mirror of reality, they’re a mirror of the movie reality, who by themselves are only artistic depictions of reality. jeez, this postpostpostmodern or something

Tarantino is precisely postmodern, not postpostmodern. Millions of references turned into new creativity and originality are postmodern remix.