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Takashi Miike's Dead or Alive Trilogy

I ordered the box set from amazon, however I wanna knw if the versions that come in this boxset are the unrated uncut uncensored ones! Or should I cancel the order and order each movie seperately?

DOA1 is the only one that has a Rated and Unrated version. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that the trilogy you ordered comes with the Unrated version.

Hope so!!! Yeah I heard that DoA2 has alot of censored scenes! Why would they release uncut versions of movies like ichi the kiler, audition, visitor q, gozu, izo and not releases uncut versions of DoA2 and 3?

DOA3 is really harmless (Compared to other Miike stuff)

DOA2 does have it’s share of violent moments, but not enough that could make someone revolt against it (Aside from the dude with the gigantic penis)

Heres what a purchaser said about the boxset on… “A great collection… must have for any Miike’s fan… the only complaint is the second DVD of the trilogy, Birds, has some heavily censored scenes.” Whats that about? That’s what scaring me about the boxset! I’m afraid that the versions aren’t the uncut ones!

Birds, has some heavily censored scenes." Whats that about?

Unless the reviewer was referring to the optically-blurred private parts.

Oh just blurred pvt parts! thx for clearin that up! If the reviewer really cared about pvt parts he should be watchin a porno instead!