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"Sweat" a.k.a. "Sueurs"

Have you heard of this movie?

“Sweat” is an Action-Adventure-Thriller from France and it’s about 4 criminals who are trying to cross the desert with a truck full of gold. There is no introduction, you don’t get to know how they got the gold in the first-place, it’s really just about them trying to beat their time-schedule. They’ll have to make it to the coast in time, or else they won’t get a pickup by a ship. To make things complicated they don’t trust each others, and two of them are even right down assholes. The movie is filmed like a huge video-clip, but it’s done in a very serious and exciting way, so no “Charlie’s Angels” stupidity around here. The director uses a lot of flashy and abrupt cross-fades, there are some awesome, never-before-seen camera-angles, it’s all style and almost no substance. You could even be mean and call it a rip-off from the french classic “Le Salaire de la peur”, just without the Nitroglycerine. In “Sweat” the Nitroglycerine is to be found in the tension between the characters. It’s quite exciting to see them cope with various no-way-out-situations, like when they get stuck under a bridge, then there’s a bunch of aggressive cops following them, they even have to cross a mine-field in the end. By the half of the movie, there’s even a little bit of Spielbergs “Duel” to be found, when it’s truck against truck. Honestly speaking, there is not a lot of suspense, the movie looks a little too slick and polished, but then again it’s always exciting, like a rollercoaster ride. And the visuals are downright beautiful, like I said before, a 90-minute-video-clip, but far from being pretentious mainstream-crap like “2Fast 2Furious” or something like that. I wouldn’t buy it, but rent it for once and you’ll get a good kick out of it. 8)