So hungry I could eat a baby!

I need that Austin Powers boxset :angel:


Ahah. Austin Powers is great. I own all the dvds, always hilarious to watch the movies, especially when you know the jokes. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am having a cold so it sounds like I’m from sweden now when I talk!

Ha, finally on topic!


hahaha nah dutch people sound weird always, no way you can sound swedish when you have a cold :wink:



Yeah, we talk in like a lame version of German.

Since I am sneezing my eyeballs out I saw on a pack of tissues that the swedes call germany “Tyskland”

How fun facts you learn while being sick!


Dman, I wish it was less cold in France too. We had two beautiful sunny weeks and now it’s cold again. I hate that. I can’t wear my Rayban everywhere now… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah well, I am busy doing an essay on the end of art. Which takes up a lot of my time anyway. No time for sunshine!!!


I’m back to my memory only cause there’s no sunshine, ahaha. Anyway my uni is still on strike for the 8th week. Starting the 9th week this monday. ;D Well, basically, the uni is opened, library too, but you cannot access to lectures, professors are on strike and the ones who are not can’t access to the classes anyway.


What’s up with southern europe ALWAYS being on strike! :stuck_out_tongue:

French Revolution echoes into the postmodern world I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! Now the dutch and the french rule over sweden in this topic! Whoohooo!


Here are some websites (in english) talking about the students and professors strike :

Strike stalls reform of French universities

A wave of resistance to government reforms of the French university system this week swelled into a tsunami. President Nicolas Sarkozy and his science and education minister Valérie Pécresse now face a united wall of opposition from scientists and students.

PARIS --French university students angry over a law making their schools more market-friendly have shut down classes at several campuses across France and are mobilizing to join nationwide protests later this month over President Nicolas Sarkozy’s reforms.

more stories like thisFor the past week, students have disrupted classes, at least sporadically, at about 10 campuses, from Montpellier and Toulouse in the south to Rennes in the west and the Tolbiac campus of the University of Paris, according to the Education Ministry.

The reforms, passed by lawmakers in August, will make all state-run French universities independent within five years, granting them the right to control their own budgets, raise tuition and accept private donations. Proponents believe the law will make French graduates more competitive in the global marketplace by improving facilities and reducing university dropout rates.

“The law is very, very good. It’s going to help us to partner with companies and will make the transition to the working world and internships a lot easier,” said Matthieu Devriendt, a master’s candidate at the University of Paris I. "Everyone agrees, except a few students."

Those who protest the coming changes argue that allowing private companies to fund specific departments will diminish funding for the humanities and erode near-equal access for everyone to higher education.

Education Minister Valerie Pecresse, speaking on France-Info radio, urged student leaders on Tuesday to “take a chance on dialogue” with her. “I want French universities to shine,” she said.

The move is part of Sarkozy’s larger reform agenda, which includes raising the retirement age from 55 to 60 for certain public employees and reducing benefits packages.

Labor unions are readying for national strikes Nov. 20 to protest these and other Sarkozy proposals. National student unions have promised to join the movement in solidarity.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … otest.html”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … t_reforms/”></LINK_TEXT>

The problem is a lot more complicated than said on these articles but well, you can see the hypocrisy of the governement saying “we want to talk” while they have talked to NONE of the university community members, or no unions after 2 months of strike. And that student saying it’s just a minority of students disagreeing with the reforms is all wrong - professors haven’t been on strike for 15 years, and students… well 80% of the students disagree with these reforms.

And my kind of studies, cinema, but all art-languages-literature (basically every no professional/scientific/economical studies) will be in danger if those reforms are voted. Cause our studies don’t bring any job, just intellectuals or professors. Who cares indeed…


That all sounds very dangerous! So irritating that everything has to be connected to some direct result. Which should make things work better but indeed leads to destroying cultural capital that people gotta have. You read Bourdieu on the subject I suppose?


Sure. But it seems like the government hasn’t, ahaha.

They want to “update” our universities and make them turn into english type of universities : expensive, more professional, more efficient and more results. The pure intellectual and artistic studies will be reduced, universities will close cause in the end, we’re wasting the state money just for the pleasure of studying. We’re not becoming new state’s “soldiers” …


I hate that type of mono-globalizing-bureaucracy! At my uni they do that a lot as well. Like one big animal farm. No questions about individual talent or higher forms which don’t really fit into a system of numbers.

Somebody should at least tell them the importance of human capital though.


A message to the waffle industry from the Pancake Association INC.:

Fuck waffles!



Jag hör “Iron Side” i huvudet varje gÃ¥ng jag ser röstaktrisen Mikaela Ardai Jennerfors.


Jag hör “Iron Side” i huvudet varje gÃ¥ng jag ser röstaktrisen Mikaela Ardai Jennerfors.
Haha dåliga minnen? Vem fan är det?

[quote=“Bad Max”]
A message to the waffle industry from the Pancake Association INC.:

Fuck waffles!

Är du emot våffeldagen? :open_mouth:

And it seems like this thread has been stolen from us :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha dåliga minnen? Vem fan är det?

Är du emot våffeldagen? :open_mouth:

And it seems like this thread has been stolen from us :stuck_out_tongue:

Jepp. Jag är bara glad att du inte vet vem hon är.


vem är den där Mikaela?


[quote=“Bad Max”]
vem är den där Mikaela?

Ellie Driver i verkligheten. Bästa beskrivningen.


haha vem fan är det då?