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Sundance Institute Filmmakers Lab Scenes

Hey, I got the 10 year ann. dvd, an one of the special features is called Sundance Institute Filmmakers Lab Scenes. One of them is Steve Buscemi(can’t spell his name), reading Mr. White’s lines to a guy thats reading Joe Cabot’s lines, but doesn;t play him in the movie. The other is Steve B. as Mr. Pink and Quentin playing Mr. White at the first wharehouse scene. It looks like both of the scenes were shot with just a camcorder. What the hell are these? Sorry if someones already answered this…

Reservoir Dogs was Tarantino’s 1st feature film. He didn’t have any experience so he went to the Sundance Lab to practice his directing skills. They made him shoot some of the scenes on video. Then he showed it to professional directors working there and they helped him out and gave him some pointers. The lab is pretty much to help first time directors prepare for their first professional shoot.