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I would like to know if the suits that Jules and Vincent wear in Pulp Fiction as well as the suits that Mr.Blonde and the rest of em’ wear are trademarks of Quentin Tarantino. If a character in a movie wore a suit that looked like the suits in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, would this be copying Quentin Tarantino?

Yes. Yes thay whould.

But not the Blues Brothers. There suits are diffrent, and way before Tarantino.

No it wouldn’t be copying. They are just suits.

I would only consider it copying if your characters are similar. Like if you do a movie about hitmen and/or thieves that dress like Reservoir Dogs than you’re copying.

Ddidnt Q say something along the lines of the similarity between the Crazy 88s and all of the Agent Smiths in The Matrix? I do remember him saying he thought suits where kinda his thing.

Aight guys thanks for the responses. It’s just that those suits look bomb-diggity rad and I might want that type of look for one of my characters if I ever make a movie.