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Stopped film production!

Me and the others from my production company agreed on Sunday to stop the production of our current movie, Weapon of Choice. The reasons for this are plenty and we are just not ready for such a project as big as this. We DO plan on finishing the project when we develop a little more experience and gather a larger budget that the movie demands for. So…we are moving on to another idea we have for a movie that will require a lot less.

The movie is called Dead of Winter and it is a zombie movie. Sounds exciting to me and hopefully we should be up and running with this one in the next month.

Do you want to discuss this new project? Or is this just an anouncement?

yea tell us about this dead of winter project

That sucks man :frowning: budget issues etc are always annoying, any info on this zombie movie?

I’m excited about it. It’s actually my friend’s movie, but I’m always involved.

Dead of Winter will be shot in black and white. With the winter season approaching, the atmosphere will give off a sense of hopelessness that we’ll need in order to keep the mood of the film. Nothing will be alive.

The only thing I know so far is that there will only be a handful of survivors. In the opening scene, the group will already be running away from the hoard of zombie scrambling after them. The entire movie will take place in the woods. This will convey a sense of being lost and alone. The movie opens up and you’re already in the middle of everything. The movie may not explain in detail how everything happened, but it will definitely hint at the lines between. This will leave the audience to decipher for themselves.

No screenplay has been written yet, as it is not my story…but I will be writing most of the dialogue and maybe just helping here and there.

That sucks man, but at least you were able to film a few things and get

the feel for it. Dead of Winter sounds promising but it’s gonna suck filming

in the woods during the winter. I like the fact that your gonna do it in black

and white. That’s probly what we’ll do for the zombie script I’m writing if I

ever get my director to focus. Keep us posted.

Find a new Director :wink: Isn’t the director supposed to keep the rest of the cast/crew focused?

I would but he’s going to school for digital film production and can get us

some kick ass cameras. I just need to write something we can actually pull

off before he graduates.