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Stolz Der Nation

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Well the b/w footage on the mini-teaser is actually part of Stolz Der Nation. I’ll get some screen caps in a while. I already read that part so I won’t give anything away. Lemme just say that was one heck of a shot though. 8)

On the other hand it could be a brief flash on when Zoller is trying to impress Shoshanna when she is fixing the marquee, I think there was a flash on to that conversation - I don’t want to revisit the script to verify that though.

Well, during the final chapter they cut to the film in the theater and describe him up in the birds nest, I’m assuming that’s it.

I know we only saw a brief segment of it, but I got a really good feeling of the direction. Whether it was Quentin or Eli, it looked fucking cool!

Zoller has a brilliant line that I won’t spoil for any of you - but he does something remarkable against the Soviets.

There’s a character named “The Babycatcher” in this propoganda movie. The actor playing him has just added us on myspace. Have a genuine curiosity to know exactly what this character will be doing. ;D

Catching babies :slight_smile:

I talked to him about it. As well as another guy “who takes the money”. I also heard Eli is trying to get the full piece put on the DVD with extras etc.

Catching babies :slight_smile:

You’re not far wrong.