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Stevi - latest re-write

Somethings have changed. I wanted some advice before I went on with the next rewrite, which would change things ALOT more. Please give it a read and make suggestions. I’m thinking of doing a few things with it, but I’m not sure. I don’t wanna loose the feeling of the story.


This looks seriously good! You need advice!?

Nah lol, I haven’t quite read it all yet, but when I do I’ll try my best to give some sort of constructive pointers.

But seriously, its really good! :wink:

I read the first twenty pages, and it’s good so far 8)

Before I read it. Can I just ask you how you keep the formatting so perfect before making it into a pdf. I write with microsoft works, but when I try to convert it, all the formatting gets fucked up. Could you also give a quick synopsis of the story. It helps. Thankyou in advance your god, Biohazard.

I write with Final Draft. But if you don’t have the cash, use Celtx. there’s a link in one of the topics in this section.

Stevi is a hitman who works for her father a mob boss. When she was twelve she witnessed her mother’s murder. she discovers that her father was the one who had her mother killed and now she is hell bent on bloody revenge.