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Steve Urkel Goes To Jail: The Movie

I got nothing. :’(

Five gooey piles, formerly five white females, lies on the floor covered in blood

Urkel breaths heavily as he hears police sirens coming closer.

He hides the machete he used to do his “work” with.

He runs around in a panic striken state looking for a hiding place.

He hides behind a small cardboard box that breaks when the police comes chrasing in.

Angry Policeman #1

Hands up motherfucka!


(Breathing heavily)

…Did I do thaaaaat!?

The policemen starts beating him like LA’s finest, for a few minutes.

They shove him in the back of the police car with a huge black man who stares at him like a tiger at chopped liver. The screen fades to black as Urkel looks worryingly into the camera.