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Spongebob's Review

Yet another script review of Tarantino’s new film Kill Bill is now online at and it is by one of the board members: Spongebob Durden.

Reading it, obviously you can see that he loved the script and i like how he divided the review in parts but it should of been much longer and like Vic says there is no mention of camera shots or types of zooms or PAns or whatever in the review. And i like to hear that kind of shit.

It got me ready to anticipate Mike’s review of Chapter 4: House of Blue Leaves and nothing much else.

What did you guys think?


I am saving that stuff for Kill Bill Script Review Part 2: Electric Boogaloo, for Seb’s site.

The review wasnt bad. It didnt spoil too much. That I like.

I think before reading the script, the reviewers should tell themselves one thing:

"30 years of Exploitation films in one movie"

Say that to yourselves over and over and over. Think about what it means, put your mind into it, and then when your ready, consume the script. Slowly.

The dialogue: Ive seen several of the lines of dialogue. I know from reading them that Quentin has been very influenced by the dialogue style of Exploitation films. We will get Grindhouse film-type dialogue mixed with QTs dialogue style. That means sharp bursts of over the top language mixed with contemplative “Jules Winfield” style prose. To me, that is fuckin beautiful. Im happy as a pig in shit for that. So QT will in effect be paying homage to those cheaply made pulp fiction type films while still being true to his own style.

The plot of the film: Its a non linear Exploitation film epic. Revenge, blood, gore, over the top behavior. This gives QT the right to be crazy and to create strange twists within the story. This should be accepted without question. QT knows what hes doing.

Lack of dialogue: Kill Bill will be highly visual, no doubt about it. So, for all the lack of dialogue that Spongebob spoke of, there might be beautiful visual work that QT does with the camera. Dont forget that aspect of it.

I think Kill Bill is a natural evolution for QT. Hes primarily a crime film director. Of course he has created another dimension to his crime films, thats why we love him. So the Revenge film is a perfect genre for him to tackle. He knows what makes revenge films work. He knows that most revenge films dont push the buttons they should push. He will add so much more to the genre than we’ve ever seen. Im crazed with anticipation over this one.

I havent even read the script. But from what Ive read and heard, this film will be another masterpiece from QT. I love everything about it. I cannot wait to see it come to life on the big screen. I hope it kicks everyones ass for a long time in the film world.

i was busy all day long folks, sorry for that.

@bob: thanks for intending to send me the second part of the review.

@rest of you: haven’T read the review as i type this, because i am busy, i will read it in some minutes.

kill bill will kick ass. my review is gonna be online when nobody’s gonna expect it. i promise it will be A FUCKING ESSAY.

I was satisfied with the dialogue in the film. There’s still more dialogue then any regular movie…maybe because its 222 pages long. As for the monologues, have you ever seen so many monologues? This script has more monologues then a hungry actor has in his little audition guidebook. The next time you watch a movie or read a script, count how many monologues there are. It’ll probably be one or two but definetly less then five.

I think there are atleast 5 monologues in the first 20 pages.

But…because QT can write great dialogue…doesn’t mean he’s obligated too. Dialogue is no more then a tool that characters use to get what they want. Sure you can use it for expostion but thats crappy. This is a movie, it should be visual. I promise at no point in the picture will somebody be saying"…wait, stop the action…I wanna hear a witty conversation."

Although I appreciated the fight club references in the review, it kinda sounded like you know QT. Just sayin.

But here’s the real question. I know it shouldn’t matter who’s dick is longer but I’m just curious. Which review do you guys like better?

Sorry, I never thought about people who haven’t seen Fight Club.

Shit, now that I think about it…people who don’t like Fight Club suck.

Mike your review was cool, but you kept asking questions in the middle of the review. Then you kept saying “…I can call him Quentin right?”. That was kinda weird. lol.

Both reviews were good. I mean neither one wins movie review of the century, but you guys arent professional writers so… In all I give them both a C+.

I hope Sebs review kicks ass.

I realize by doing this, I am shooting myself in the foot, but I don’t care. I am a professional writer, but I do not put as much effort into anything I do on my own time. I just write whatever comes to mind. Usually, it comes across like the work of a five year old on drugs…but I don’t give a fuck.

Fight Club references ? What Fight Club references ??? I don’t remember any :frowning: And I love the movie, I own it on DVD and must’ve seen it a million times…what did I miss ?

Fight Club kicks ass!!

…i didn’t read that reference, either… i am sometimes so busy i just fly over those articles with one eye and with another eye i am reading the next article :slight_smile:

I know this, because Quentin knows this.

“I know this, because Tyler knows this.”

Oh right :slight_smile: I suppose I just read past that. Subtle yet nice, though.

“If I had a tumor, I’d name it Vernita” :wink:

"I am Bill’s bastard son…"

you are not your kill bill script, you are not how much qt dvds you have in your shelf, you are not your 100 dollar criterion collection, you are not the jackie brown poster… lol