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Source of script

This may have been discussed before. If so please point me to the relevant link.The credits say that the Kill Bill screenplay was based on the character ‘The Bride’ created by Q & U. Is this a novel or a play, or just a way of saying that the whole script was based on a character created by [color=Red]QUentin?

Quentin & Uma

Thanks - I had just got there and was looking for a way to edit my original question. The other thought I had was an early Jeanne Moreau file “Mariee etait en noir” (The Bride wore Black", from 1968, so I Googled it and found this message board

I too think it is odd that QT apparently denied having watched it!! :-</E>

it is considered as an influence on Kill Bill, yes.

where did you read that QT denies that influence? i can remember that… can you provide a link or quote?

TM: How about The Bride Wore Black (1968, Francois Truffaut, France)?ÂÂ

QT: Here’s the thing. I’ve never actually seen The Bride Wore Black.ÂÂ

TM: Really?ÂÂ

QT: I know of it, but I’ve never seen it. Everyone is like, “oh, this is really similar to The Bride Wore Black.” I’ve heard of the movie. Its based on a Cornell Woolrich novel too, but it’s a movie I’ve never seen. The reason I’ve never seen it is because…I’ve just never been a huge Truffaut, fan. So that’s why I never got around to see it. I’m not rejecting it, I just never saw it. I’m a Goddard fan, not a Truffaut fan. So I know of it, I know all that stuff, but it’s a movie I’ve never seen.ÂÂ

TM: I thought of it because The Bride has that list of names she checks off.ÂÂ

QT: Oh, is that in there too?ÂÂ