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Sophie Fatale - Mr. Orange

So, i was watching KB again last night, and then i kinda had this thought:

Mr. Orange and Sophie both work for the law (cop,lawyer)

Both are heavily injured by a women with a weapon

Now it splits a bit, but just because of Mr. Pink:

Mr. Orange begs Mr. White that he should throw himself out of a car at a hospital.

Sophie Fatale is thrown out of a car at a hospital.

IF Mr. Orange would have gone to a hospital, he would have told the cops where the gangster group is, so they could get them.

Sophie told the Bride where the gangster group is, so she could get them.

Is it possible that Quentin actually did it on purpose? Or is it me again thinking of some random stuff?

I’d go with “random”. It’s not like her name would be “madame Rose” or whatever. There is no clues he did that on purpose.

On the set of Kill Bill, Quentin told Julie Dreyfuss that was about to go through what Tim Roth went through. I think his exact words were “A Tim Roth moment”

Meaning, she was going to spend the day writhing around in blood.