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Something to wake up to

This is my bedroom :-*

[color=red][image removed on request]


You can click for larger view :smiley:

Thanks, Pete.

Ok clicking…Whos the naked girl in the bed?! haha.

LOL only for special occasions does Yasmin get naked… or should that be "Only once in a blue moon"

Yes, that’s accurate enough.

[color=red]Topic moved.

I seem to have problem viewing the larger version. Anyway, cool poster. 8)

I have like four posters in my possession right now, and not one hanging on my wall. Have a Kitano poster around here someplace, a gozu poster, a BJ Penn one, Bruce Lee hiding around somewhere - and I’m wanting to shell out $30 on a Dark Knight poster that also will likely never be placed on the wall. Damn, I need some tacks.

I’ll show you the rest of my art later.

And Pete, I do mean posters… :slight_smile:

Aww darnit all!

No really, it’s a God send.

Here is my 42 inch plasma in between Marilyn and Audrey.

[color=red][image removed on request]

All my DVDs are in storage… in about six boxes in the attic until we finish decorating.

I’d love to have such TV in my appartment ! I got a small one, can’t store everything there. I had to leave a lot of books, posters and stuff at my parents’ place. I only took all my dvds and cds. So sad to sacrifice things. I really hope I’ll once have a bigger place to have all my stuff in it.

Your room looks really nice. I love the black walls, looks like a projecting room.

Yeah that is a great TV/room set up. I havent bought a flatscreen yet, but I want to get one soon.

I don’t even have a TV, ahah. I don’t miss it much cause I read the news in newspaper or on the net. I don’t feel cut from the world. And I see A LOT of movies in theater, old and new, so I don’t miss movies on TV. It’s even better to see movies almost everyday in theater, rather than watching TCM, ahah.

Though I’d like to have a TV, a small one. But not sure I got the space for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys.

My room has been made to look like a cinema. Red curtains, black wall, endless movie posters surrounding it and my beloved flat screen tv. I could not reccomend them enough. Sin City is one of the best things to watch on a flat screen. The picture is crisp.

Nice set up Yasmin. What make is your TV? All you need now is a home theatre system!

I have a 26" JVC HDTV I bought for uni and now use at home. It’s smaller than I would have liked, but I sit quite close to it. I play my Xbox 360 on it and watch DVD’s there all on my 5.1 surround sound. It’s fucking mint! I love the picture quality, it has more of a movie-colour to it. High contrast, darker bolder colours which is how I always have my set-up.

We have a 37" Phillips HD-TV connected to a HD-DVD player in the main room. We chose that as it looked better than all the other TV’s on display, so what’s the point of paying £300 more for a Sony Bravia when the Phillips has more natural looking colours?! I use it at night when it’s not appropriate to have the surround sound on and when I’m in the mood to watch some great visuals. The HD player has a brilliant upscaling quality, even watching a film as old as Pulp Fiction looks new and fresh. But the TV has shitty sound and so that’s the compromise. My regret is that I can’t watch Sin City on it as it’s R1, and the HD player isn’t region free for DVDs.

Its a Phillips. The first one I got had 6 green vertical lines going down it and it had to be replaced but touch wood, this beauty has had no problems.