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Something small


MAN lies on a sofa, watches TV. Looks bored.

Someone KNOCKS the door. It opens only a little.

Man looks to the door. He sees it’s someone with dark hair, bright green eyes

and most beautiful eyelashes one’s ever seen.


Yeah, you can come in.

He turns the TV off and sits up on the sofa.

She sits beside him. They look at each other.


Do you like me?

She sighs. Leans back on the sofa. Answers.

He looks away from her. Finally relaxes.

She asks him something.


No, no. It’s okay. I just didn’t know. That’s all.

She asks again something.



Of course I didn’t. You had been with him. It hurt.

She asks.


Yeah, it did. But then I thought about it and

figured out it had nothing to do with me.

She talks.


It did?

She nods.


Yeah, well, I actually did think about that

possibility also, but it felt so… self-centered,

you know.

She speaks. For long this time.




I really loved you.

He slowly leans to her. They’re faces are close. Lips almost touching.

They close they’re eyes.



The man lies in bed and opens his eyes. Blinks few times.

He looks to the side. Sun shines on his blank face.

He looks straight up. Blinks couple times.

He starts to smile.

So, the “Man” was dreaming, right? Okay. I think you need a lot of practice, and your descriptions are pointless and boring. Other than that, I can’t really say anything about this, I don’t even know what this is about. . .

Why don’t we ever hear the woman speak?

It’s a weird “script”, and I mean weird in a very bad way.

Why don’t we ever hear the woman speak?
I want you to tell me that.

But I do have an explanation. It’s not there for only weirdness’ sake.

I have no clue why you would do that. For me all it did was make it

obvious that the guy was dreaming.

There’s a possibility it could be an ex-lover. They are so familiar with each other, names aren’t needed. But everything leads to a dream.