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actually overlapping? can u make a screenshot? i know the right menu is somehow pushing the dvd content down a bit, but I’ll have to find a way to work around that


I can’t do screenshots… Get on skype with me next time we’re both on and I’ll video chat you, show it to you that way.


which computer doesnt have a Prnt Scr button? :wink:


I’m a dumbass. That button doesn’t do anything…


You have to paste it somewhere(paint for example). You probably did that but I’m trying to help. If you have a laptop maybe you have to press Fn in order to make Prnt Scr work.


Got it! Thanks Annie.


Now that you learnt how to make screenshots a second tip: never (and I mean never) don’t use IE again! :wink:

I know it’s difficult to change it but QTA looks better and that’s a very good reason (if you don’t care for the technical reasons that makes the other browsers better).


couldn’t have said it better. but i’ll still have to look at it. the boxes shouldn’t overlap…


So which browser exactly, should I use? Seb gave me options, which scares me anyway cos I always make wrong choices. I am really hesitant to do something like DL another browser because of all the shit we went through in the 90’s when I tried netscape. It effed everything up. Plus my virus protection is out of date, so I haven’t been DLing anything.


get an up to date virus shield, r u insane? IE + no virus shield = trojans, viruses and other STDs :wink:

i’d say pick Firefox if you wanna keep it simple. Opera is great also but not as easy/simple…

Comodo Security suite for example is a free firewall and virus shield


btw IE is not the only browswer where the boxes overlap. so I’ll definitely have to do something about this…