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How do I get better at playing soccer? I’m a basketball player so I mainly use my hands when dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball. This year, I wanted to try out soccer at school. I have never played soccer my entire life so I obviously suck. Therefore, I know that I have to practice on my own. The thing is that I don’t know what and how to practice. Any tips or suggestion anyone?

like anything really i think the main thing is to become comfortable with the thing you’re using - eg. if you play guitar get used to just messing around with it and be comfortable with it before you try and seriously play anything on it. (why does this sound like a veiled sexual euphemism? ha ha)

With football its the same thing from my experience, do something simple like kicking the ball off a wall changing from your left foot to your right each time. your co-ordination and touch will improve and your co-ordination will be a lot better. and the main thing is to enjoy it, I gave up football far too young and I miss playing it - playing football is one of the rare simple, beautiful things left in the world.