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Slumdog Millionaire end credit sequence

How fucking Tarantino was that! The credit fonts the awesome Bollywood dance number. I was dancing in my seat man. I’m telling you this film is like…no words can express my love for this movie. Consider Danny Boyle to be in my top 10 list of greatest directors ever. :angel:

I felt the same thing when I first saw Kill Bill. I had a geekgasm! :o

I thought it was a drama? Or is it a feel-good movie? :slight_smile:

Oh, you have misheard man. This is like an adventure story with drama - but overall it’s really the funnest fucking love story you will ever see. Well it’s a Danny Boyle film, if you’ve seen one you’ll know it’s not some Paul Haggis shit.

This is the end credit song “Jai Ho”. It plays in this epic Bollywood dance. I hope Inglorious Basterds has a cool Bollywood dance - I doubt it. frowny face