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Should quentin himself shoot inglrious

. . .like he shot death proof? i don’t mean in the same style but rather should he handle the task of director of photography as well as directing and writing? the shooting of death proof was wonderful – i especially loved the opening credit sequence with the car racing down the road, and also the breakfast restaurant scene where the actresses were yapping while stuntman mike the stalker was spying on them. it took me back to the opening restaurant scene in reservoir dogs. it was kinda like he was referencing his own style in a post-tarantino way; like he was another director paying tribute to tarantino. however, perhaps the burden of writing, directing AND acting as d.p.on a movie as ambitious as inglorious basterds could be a tad too much. whoever it was who shot pulp and reservoir were very good. . .

Andrejz Sekula shot Dogs and Pulp. Guillermo Navarro shot Jackie, Bob Richardson shot Kill Bill. QT shot DP. Id expect him to get some new DP to work with. I guess its all a matter of if QT feels like he can do it all. IB sounds like he may need to just focus on directing.

Its interesting how that the people that shoot the film really do give it a different feel.

Yeah DP def had the old 70s Grindhouse film feel because of the way it was photographed. I loved that.

I have no idea how QT wants IB to look. He keeps saying its basically a “Spaghetti Western set in France”. So maybe he’ll be going for a Leone type look to it? Whatever he does, it will look spectacular.

I would love to see Bob Richardson back. He did an awesome job in Kill Bill.

I would love to see Bob Richardson back. He did an awesome job in Kill Bill.

The best thing about Bob Richardson is that you get his beautiful trademark backlighting that lights up the top hairs on the actors heads, making them a glowing white.

Andrejz Sekula has more a grainy, indie, brut style. I think it’d suit Inglorious Bastards perfectly, or of course a more Ginrdhouse style would be cool, though I really don’t think QT will be up for DP since this project seems more difficult than Death Proof.

Bob Richardson did a great job but it fits more a glorious tribute-movie-like. As Angel said, with this glow, perfect lighting. It’d be too “clean” for a war movie, I guess. If QT wants a spaghetti western look, he sure also means a dirtier look.

Id be very surprised if QT went to Sekula again. I think with each film he makes he wants them to be different from the last. It would also be neat to see him work with someone like Vilmos Zsigmond or a European-Italian cinematographer.

Yeah, i don’t think either he’d hire Sekula again. Darius Khondji could be great, he’s proved several times that he can do a badass cinematography, grainy, dirty, all what I described before.

Id think he was going for something beautiful, European Arthouse meets Spaghetti Western. Like Antonioni, Godard and Leone all rolled up together.

Don’t you think Godard’s cinemtography is indie-like ? I love it, but it’s wellknown to be a mess, anti-standards, like shooting in the street without any extra lighting. Raoul Coutard was a master for that.

And Antonioni’s Blow Up was grainy.

Well QTs def gonna make sure it looks like a film. But I dont think he will make it too dirty looking. If this is his war epic, he’ll want it to look as visually wonderful as possible.

I really have no idea what QT is aiming for visually with it. We wont know until we see it.

Bob Richardson would be great, but I agree this he would have to tone the ‘cleanless’ of his cinematography to make it work (then again, maybe not).

Darius Khondji would be great too. His work in Se7en is my favorite ever.

I liked Bob Richardsons style, but do you think it would fit a WWII film? Maybe QT should use a European DP this time to reflect where hes shooting it? I dont know, it will look awesome Im sure.

Actually Richardson has shot three war-films for Oliver Stone.

I forgot, youre right. Platoon, Born on the 4th etc.

I liked Bob Richardsons style, but do you think it would fit a WWII film? [/quote]

Ok. The work of Richardson in KB was very different from his work for Stone or Scorsese. In KB, he didn’t bring his own style but did adapt himself the different styles of photography -John Ford like for the B&W sequence, 60’s japanese genre cinema and Shaw Brothers for the Crazy 88 sequence…- required by QT. So I think that if he adapted to these various styles he can do it again.

I agree with the guy above. Richardson is a very versitile DP, and every film he shoots looks great. I hope Quentin gets him again.

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