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Shot in Taxi Driver

There’s the scene where Travis is on a payphone inside a building, then the camera dollies away from him so that it’s just a shot of an empty hallway. What’s the meaning of that?

experimental filmmaking, it had no meaning at all, some people say its because the conversation was too painfull to watch but thats its bullshit, in the very beginning when travis walks through the garage with all the taxis, instead of putting the camera behind travis it films the garage and goes back to travis, no meaning at all its just artistic

Theres no real right or wrong answer to what a shot specifically means. But anyway,

It is a combination of experimental film-making and emphasising the loneliness of Travis’ situation. Scorsese has also said in a recent interview he did it because it was too painful to watch. Peaaaaace!

yeah its about creating emptyness in his world…he’s trying hard to do something with his life on the phone and gets hit hard…the empty hall represents his feeling of lonelyness…and also his mind that gets set back into that reality of lonelyness and failure…